Saturday, May 8, 2010

The thread that I don't regret one bit! *Updated*

Well today I was tired of the lack of activity on the forum and wanted to say something about it. I also was having problems posting, which annoyed me! Anyway I knew full well that it would get deleted and well I didn't care. I wanted EA to read it! I hate posing about myself, but I gotta address this. Why? You'll see.
Positive comments agreeing,
Thanks guys! The thread up for awhile too.
Than this.

I told Evergreen that the forum has been empty due to EA's constant bans, strictness, etc and that I know  would like me to so call shut up, but I have freedom of speech. Also told them the report button is right up there. I told Atlia that I know you don't like me as you have been rude to me before, but if you are so unhappy basically report me as I know you will enjoy it!
Now I wish I had got the screenshots of me saying these things and one other, but in the heat of anger I didn't. You can take my word or not. If Mare covers this, then you probably see what I said and some of of other stuff.

My thoughts about this are simple. People are leaving the forum because they are unhappy, if you want to stay and take all the bullshit EA serves go ahead. Knock yourself out (as I know most stay for friends which is fine), but so many people wouldn't leave if they were happy with EA. Evergreen you make no sense. You blame players for the empty forum, but it's not that they're leaving for no reason. Have you been seeing what's going on?  I thought you liked me ok! Well now your a two faced good for nothing bastard. Your dead to me! Watch out for phonies in irl and the forum kiddies!
Altia you good for nothing ass wipe! I don't like you! I tried like hell! I really did! You call me annoying and such when in reality your annoying troll that pick on people! Also in that thread not shown you said all I do is rant! Do I really? Is every thread I make a rant? If so please tell me, because I had no clue. Seriously your nothing, but something I find on the bottom of my shoe! He also said that he's not surprise me and my friends get banned all the time as we always ranting about EA. (God I wish I had that screen shot!) Oh really Altia? Sure. I got banned for a faceplam once and argument with a troll who was rude. Get your facts straight!
Well that thread made so piss and upset I had tears in my eyes! I almost regretted posting, but I don't! Nope. Not one bit!
Also I said I was leaving the forum, that I was done! Well I think I am. Till the EP comes out. Still thinking about it as I don't want them to think they won, but I'm just done with that forum. I don't have take that shit and I got places where I'm wanted. Cece's forum for one! I'm really done though. Maybe a good night sleep will change my mind, but dont be surprise to see my goodbye thread tomorrow!
P.S. My game is stuck on the save screen. Been a hour! Don't I have a right to be mad about that too!
Now Mare it's up to you cover this, but I beg of you! Alot was left out of here! It's up to you though. *sigh*
The missing screenshots


  1. Atai aka simscreator16 is an asshole who used to be up windsor eric's ass all the time! Ignore him! Don't ever let life's little assholes upset you like that...don't ever let them fuels them! You will never, in life, be liked by everyone but you are liked by enough of us so just....FUCK HIM!

  2. To be honest whenever I see Evergreen he's ragging on someone; popping into threads with no intention other than to make snide comments and poke at people, it's just unfortunate you had to get prodded this time.

    The douchebags kind of proved your point though didn't they? Forums are dead: their fault. I don't wanna mingle with those morons, consequently I'm on the forums less and less frequently these daes.

    Please don't let them get to you :(
    I wouldn't recommend a goodbye thread either- leaving is fine but broadcasting it on the forums will probably only result in some of the same, sadly.

  3. Vid, I personally don't think you should make a concrete set-in-stone decision right now. It's all too easy to go back, and then it seems like you're playing both ends.

    I suggest the same thing as the others -- just try not to let it get you down. If you decide to leave the forums for REAL, you'll know it, and instead of leaving a long ranting goodbye thread, you'll just make your statement by visiting less (like Fury, me, and many others). It's a bolder, more mature, more meaningful statement that way. You leave with your dignity and respect in tact, and you've done what you felt was best. If you leave a steaming goodbye thread, nothing will change. The world will keep turning just the same.

    In times like this, when you're in danger of letting nonsense like this get you down, look at the bigger picture. You recently had a tragedy in your life that makes this Forum situation look like a JOKE in comparison. It doesn't matter one damn bit. Not one. You wouldn't know any of these people if you met them on the street, and they have no influence in your real life (the life that MATTERS) whatsoever. NONE.

    There are SO many more significant things in the world and experiences and joys and pleasures than what trifling bullshit is going on on some goddamned video game forum. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, I truly am, but FUCK THAT SHIT. Seriously. Let all of this shit go and hold your head up high. You've EARNED that right. CLAIM IT, and quit crying over this petty bullshit, Vid. You're ABOVE that.


  4. i dont think i could really say anything that cel and fury didnt already. so ill just gives ya hugs *hugs*

  5. This made me lol vid. And don't worry, I've gotten the heat from Jakie(Evergreen) before too. Because I made a post about one of my good threads disappearing and another time when I made a rude yet funny comment to someone else's complaint. What you got to think about is-hey these people don't know you, so technically it's not even worth your time. xD But this was EPIC :D and what all of you said, i give you a thumbs-up:D

  6. Hey, Vidkid. This is twilightsim9/10 from the forums :)

    I completely agree with you. Seriously, some people!!!

  7. I've had a really long break from the site, after they threw out Aarin and makeitwork322 (which I know is acient history but...)

    When I finally logged in about a month ago I was surprised how dead the whole site was! I mean I couldnt even find twelve sims that checked in at least once a week.

    Anyway, all I want to say is i'm glad you stood up, you're my new sims hero ! :-D

  8. I completely agree with what you said although I didn't catch it while it was on the forums. The Forum has gotten boring and ridiculous with all the bannings and such. I used to spend a lot of free time of the forum and I hardly go on there at all anymore :(


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