Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh slacking off is refreshing!

I didn't update today as you can see! Why? Don't know! I was reading Queen of Dammed and got into a good chapter. Then time just flew by. Whenever read that book though it makes me want vampires in Sims. Really smexy ones! Squeee!
Anyway Ask Vidkid Part 4, a new sim I hope, I think I finish Yoko Ono for a certain someone, and might actually play my game tomorrow. Been a minute. As for the forum did I miss anything? Probably not. Look for a update! ^_^


  1. I just wanted to say that I love those books! I'm in the middle of The Vampire Lestat right now. They're addicting.

  2. the vampire lestat was the best one in my opinion. but queen of the damned comes in close behind it.

    lestat is one of my favorite characters of all time

  3. I read the Vampire Lestat! I liked it, it just I <3 Louis and i wish he was in it more. Queen Dammed is ok so far. Lestat and Louis are favorite characters so I hope I see more them in this book. :-)


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