Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talking about me behind my back isn't nice you know! *updated*

Update: I take back what was said about Claire, since she has explained to me that she meant no harm. Same with Cel. Amieezilla  has apologised too.


  1. That's terrible Vidkid! :( I know exactly how you feel. I trusted a whole lot of people before and never had the favor returned. I just previously lost a friend I thought I could trust. But he always asked me for something. For instance, he wanted MY OWN lunch because he didn't have one. I said "Im sorry but I cant give you my lunch, I can give you money to buy one" He refused!(On a side note I did have crab legs) There were many other situations where he wanted me to give everything I had for his convenience. But the key words I overheard him say is that he said "Who Parker? Oh HELL no we're not friends."

    I guess you can say I stopped being friends with him.(I would give you my response but Im not allowed to use that many bad words in a sentence lol)

    Anyways, never fully trust anyone vidkid, only family, that's it.


  2. thanks paco! yea i learned something today! :-/

  3. Yeah I had the same thing happen though, deb was a close friend then later walked over me like nothing when she became a mod on a site, I trusted her as a close friend but her steady lying about me behind my back..Kid I know what your going thou ,hugs.

  4. Hey, Vid! Just a comment on what Paco said....
    to never fully trust anyone makes for a very lonely life! Take it from an older, cynical woman...lack of trust equals loneliness! Just don't give your trust to anyone especially internet people. You never know who is behind the screenname! And on the same note....don't let these internet people upset you. Like you said, they don't know you...and you don't know them...they are nothing in your life and not worth getting upset about!

    Did you read all the comments under your blog post "No Mare, don't start hating me please"? I think Clairezy was starting to show her true colors in her comment. I responded to her, but I doubt if she saw it.

    Anyway, just keep on being yourself and being true to yourself and put your trust in people that you actually know (face to face) and have known long enough and well enough to really know that they can be trusted. Even then, some will disappoint you but that is part of life and builds character and wisdom!

    Hugs and stuff!

  5. Vid I will un-follow you if that is what you wish. I never said anything bad against you in my post or any other post. I praised the way you handled jack4740 I think you did an excellent job. (I said that in my post) And when other's tried to talk about you I told them to talk to you yourself and not ask me about you:

    "As for vidkid and other bloggers I do not know what they have said about specific simmers nor am I voicing any opinions on them. If you, Jess are interested in seeing anything Vidkid might or might not of said I suggest going to the source or emailing her."

    because I wasn't going to talk about you behind your back. and I don't like Jack4740 at all; I feel like he should have been banned from every site he trolled on. I am also sorry that he harassed you, and I'm glad he stopped. I just wish that the mare's nest had not done what they did. I understand their reasons but I'm worried about who will be next to get a letter. That's my personal opinion. I like you and I always have. I was never fake and I have never acted in any way that wasn't true to myself.

    The only thing I'm sorry for is that I wasn't clear enough in my post; I meant to praise the way you handled jack4740 and didn't allow him to bully you.

  6. ^thank you for clearing that up and take back what i said.

  7. Thank you, I know I'm being cliché, but that really means a lot to me.

  8. TMN ABSOLUTELY did the right thing in the jack situation, and it isnt YOUR fault that he decided to target you for some of his sick little games.

    that boy was dangerous, and he still is. and the fact that people will play nicey to your 'face' and turn around and bash you on their blogs is just sick. you ppl need to grow up. just because this is the interent, doesnt mean you can just treat ppl like crap. or do you all do this to 'real' people too?

    i have ZERO tolerance for two faced bitches.

  9. I'm not mad at you. I'm just upset about some of the things you've said about me. And I don't see you apology anywhere.

    nyays, this is more about how everybody takes what everybody lse says the wrong way. Like I said in my latest blog post, people can post what they want on their own blogs ad people can disagree with them, but they must do so respectfully.

  10. Jessamine, when you're already in a 10 foot hole, for the love of plumbob stop digging!

  11. read grumpy toast for why i said wow. hi Mare!


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