Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ask Vidkid Part 2!!!

Part 1
Part Deux now! That's 2 in french!
If you could go anywhere in the world, even beyond Pluto, where would you go?
Me: Well going to another planet might be a bore and disappointing. Just rocks up there really and never had any desire for that stuff. I always wanted go to Paris. One reason why I brought WA, which was a let down. I know focuses on France in general, but I was hoping to see Paris made over in Sims. I mostly wanted the Effie tower for romantic dates for my simmies. I want travel to all kind places though. England, Italy, and go sight seeing I guess. See what I always see on tv up close.

Ok, now I must get all giddy as Mare has posted two questions! Hehe! Might not be a big deal to some, but I love it when they pop in and surprise me. So wasn't expecting a question from them and they asked me two. :-D By the way thank you for changing to my current/permanent banner on your site.

What is your earliest memory from joining in the Simming community?
My earliest memory was making a avi which I hated. No CC and it look like acid trip! Had lots color in hair, pigtales, and huge sunglasses with a blue star on her face. I would show you if EA wouldn't have hid my old page. Was trying stand out though. XD Then a few days later I made Shrek and Fiona for the Exchange. I posted in the creative section and when it got no attention , I posted in general discussion. Then everyone came and said I was spamming. I felt so bad and I thought might not come back after that, but I did. This is first forum so I was learning back then. 

If you had an AK-47 but only one magazine clip (and a guaranteed alibi), who'd be getting made into a human Swiss Cheese c/o yourself?!
LOL I saw this yesterday and I was thinking about it for awhile. Well right now with all the drama, I would have a few names, but they not worth losing the one clip. Poptwat would be a great a target, but then Hydra would have to go too. Well since the mods are bent on not banning him and I keep seeing this dude as I type this question, Nashvillekitten guy. I don't understand why he isn't banned!? I would been perma 20 times by now!

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
Wow, another good one. I would spend all day with my family and friends. Go ot partying and doing everthing can in that one day. /go on shopping spree, bowl, arcades, and then end it with a drink. XD I'm almost 21 anyway and might as well end with that.

Who or what inspires you and why?
Well anime and the music inspires me. My most famous sim/avi was inspired by Death note. Most of sims are inspired by anime and rock music. I use to listen to nothing, but Hip Hop and got tired of it. For the last couple years my whole style has changed up. I love anything with skulls! Pink and black are favorite combinations. I'm not gothinc or emo though. I hate labels!

What would have to be your all time favorite song/s and why?
Oh my! Hmmm...let see! Saying Micheal Jackson would be too easy. Sadly I didn't get back into listening to the poor soul till he passed. Sadly I was to young to appreciate him when he was alive.

Anyway I'll give you ten.
1. Fall Out Boy- This Anit a Scene
2. Panic At Disco- I Wirte Sins Not tragedies
3. Prince- When Doves Cry
4 My Chemical Romance- Helena
5. Snow Patrol- Crashing Cars
6. Kanye West- Good Morning (hate the guy, but I can't help listening to it)
7 Eminem- The Way I Am
8. Fugees- Killing Me Softly
9. Toni Braxton- He wan't Man Enough Me
10. Keane- Somewhere Only We Know
If my ipod got wiped out I would have a fit. I told you I listen to all types music. My music taste is all over the place and I'm such a 90's kid.

Who is your favorite singer? Least?
Lady Gaga I hate to say. She is everywhere now and I kinda liked when she was more unknown if that makes sense. Only for the moment. I hate the Beiber boy. His songs, his silly little hair style! He's everywhere like the annyoing Jonas brothers were! Grr!

Part 3? Anymore?


  1. Hey! We have the same least/most favorite singers :D lol

    What would you say is your favorite kind of meal?

  2. Lets say you won $100,000.
    Your friend took it from you.
    You go to your friends house, and you tell them to give the money back.They say no and grab a gun from their pocket then point it at you.What would you do?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. If there were a group of ignorant, metiocre people-who would you destroy in a second? Why?

  5. Who are the top five people you hate or hated from the Sims 3 forum?

  6. ^that question doesnt sound appropriate and this blog has had enough drama!

  7. What sim would have to be your favourite? And least favourite?

    (could be someone else s sim you've download, your own, or just one in game)

  8. If you could have one super power, what would it be? And why?

    And also,
    If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? And why?


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