Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I don't know what to do anymore

I don't know if it's the rain or the fact that's it chilly out, but I kinda took the day off today, because I was feeling really tired and down. Seriously though, now that I no longer can post on the forum I feel like everyone will forget about me in due time. Like what did I really do to be remembered, post stupid pics, say silly things, and be sarcastic. Who am I kidding I'm no FuryRed! She can blog and not even be seen on the forum and people still know her. I'm not the witty Mare Nest either.

I peeked at the forum today and I saw a thread full people I never seen. I will be just replaced by one of these noobs and that forum will go on without me. Sure, the simming world has Mare who keeps up on everybody, but how many stories can they post on their blog about me. I get happy just seeing my name now a days on there as it makes me feel like I'm still connected in some way, but it won't last. Let's face it EA will not un-ban me and even if come back on another account so what's the point? Nothing will change. Will still be strict forum that has become now and  the trolls will continue report me to get me off again. EA will still let them win too and they will refuse to ban them. I don't if know I should go back. Do I really want to go back to a empty and trolled filled forum. Anyway I'm going email them, but they probably ignore me and I don't care. As a paying customer I should be able to dispute it. I wish everyone would come together one forum so I wouldn't feel so unconnected. I don't even think I missed anything today on that forum because it's not same anymore. I feel like giving up...well maybe just today. I really can't think of anything else to do.*sigh*
If anyone cares I'm on these forums:
 Cstyles Sims3
Gothic Rose
Might add Simpletons to the list. Haven't joined yet. Might as well take this time to help some of the fan forums.
Also don't forget this: http://vidkid20ssimlair.blogspot.com/2010/05/email-write-letters-etc-if-your-fed-up.html The very post that might of led to my banning. I don't regret this post and it can't hurt, can it?

Anyway catch you later. Going do something and maybe pop in Cstyles' chat box later tonight. Oh thank Jktee for the song. I needed that. XD
I bet I will regret posting this later, but oh well. Thanks everyone for putting up with me and all the "I've been perma banned crap." A decent update tomorrow I guess.


  1. You dont know me but I have been reading your posts lately,I have a link to your blog on mine.Dont worry I dont think you will be forgotten.

  2. You won't be forgotten.
    I notice your absence on the forums and I know many others do too.
    Chin up VK.


  3. You will not be forgotten hun. You are VidKid!

  4. You won't be forgotten, Vidkid. (; You always brought that awesomeness to the forums. :]

  5. *runs to give viddy a great big cstyles hugz* Awwww vid...hon I don't think you are missing one single thing!! As you mentioned, the mare VISITS the site but do not feel a need to actually join in. I know that I go to the mare to see what's going on at ea and then that's it. I have popped my head in a couple of times, but just the thrill of even posting is totally gone. If it were me...I would NOT be signing back on to ea. Why Vid...why boost up their ratings and their numbers when they treat you and so many others like a big pile of old, fly infested, been stepped on twice making it mushy again shit?! I would not waste my time nor my money! Yep...I have a Sims 'related' site but it's name only! I have my site named so because it is based n a game that I enjoy, but I don't like the corporate behind the game...I actually despise it!! Cheer up Vid, banned from ea is not death itself, sometimes doors close so better ones can be opened! You are fun, extremely creative and are gladly accepted and respected on Cstyles and will be an asset to any forum you join!! Even though the thought of 'sharing' you with other forums brings out the green-eye monster in me!!! Noes...you can't have my Vidster!!!:-)

  6. My signature will be a constant reminder! I will only take it down if and when you come back!

    I will not forget you! You are unforgetable!
    Don't let all this get you down and there is no
    shame in coming back if that's what you decide you want.

    This weather is pretty crappy for May....it's enough to get anybody down!

  7. Aw Vid... <:( This will be looooong (you know me), but please bear with me, okay?

    You know, when I first read this I almost thought my own blogger account had been hacked into and posted here -- I made a post almost EXACTLY like this a week or two ago (minus the perma-banned parts). I was so down on everything, and I swear we almost said some things word-for-word (like "I'm no FuryRed or Mare's"). It was so sad and pitiful...but I was really feeling low.

    For some reason I decided not to actually post it and just saved the draft instead. I'm glad I did that, but I wouldn't have been ashamed if I had've. Your post made me think of that again. Vid, you're completely right -- you're no FuryRed, and you're no TMN. And Fury is no Vid, and Mare's is no Vid. I'm CERTAINLY no VidKid20, are you kidding me? You have DOZENS more followers than I do (or ever will), you're mentioned all the time by everyone (the entire community knows you, sweetie!), and you're generally beloved by all of us in the community, minus a couple of trolls. If you get banned, people get PISSED. It's like the French Revolution! If you were to get sick, people would come out in MASSES to wish you well. That's a rare thing, Vid, and it WILL LAST.

    Even if you weren't talked about AS MUCH, you'll still always have a loyal following of casual readers and more importantly REAL FRIENDS who will continue to support you. If your number of page hits and new followers dropped a bit, so the fuck what? What does any of it really MATTER anyway? As long as you get to keep all of your true friends & acquaintances, it's still all worth it, and you're STILL A SUCCESS.

    We all have our places within the community, and some are more treasured and unforgettable than others. You are DEFINITELY Sims 3 Royalty, Vid, for whatever that's worth to you in your own life. I would hope that it's a touching aside, some extra little thing in your life that gives you joy ALONGSIDE your REAL LIFE friends and interests and hobbies and cherished things. We are PROUD to be your community mates, but we shouldn't be your LIFE.

    You will ALWAYS be an important person here, and you'll always have a family here. You don't need 10,000 Mare's Nest and Forum posts to prove that.

    If for one am honored that we've become friends, or at least what I consider friends. I don't open up to people at all, but you've made that much easier for me, and I thank you for it.

    Don't ever doubt how valued you are here, and remember to keep all of this in stride. Enjoy it for what it is, and try not to lament it for what it's not.

    *hugs & noogies*

  8. Like everyone you will one day fade from the collective 'memory' of the forum. Your personality and who you are will be forgotten. However, this is just a game and really apart from a funny post what lasting contribution have you made to the sims or the community? This isn't something to cry over though. Is it not enough for you to simply play a game and enjoy it?

  9. Vid, you won't be forgotten!! and I'm on simsanctuary alot, though I won't be for a little bit now. But maybe I will see you there one time! But there is no way you will be forgotten.

  10. awww..don't feel sad! I'm sure people will remember you. Even i (altho i didn't have the chance to get to know you very well in the forum) rushed here IMMEDIATELY to show you my support. And i don't do that for everyone. You are a wonderful, witty person who certainly brightens up other peoples days. :o)
    Big hugs to you and chin up!

  11. when i first joined the sims 2 bbs, i was alone. alone in my life, and alone on the forum. it took a while for me to meet other simmers and get to know ppl. but eventually, i did. and altho i dont go to the bbs anymore, or talk to many of those ppl anymore, i DO remember the ppl who made a small difference to me, and i always will.

    one day the ea forum will be gone too, and its citizens will have moved on. but i will ALWAYS remember the people i have met, the few souls i consider friends. no you wont be forgotten. not by me, not by many others.

    as for 'sims notoriety' its overrated, and not important. people will turn on you in an instant, as soon as fame isnt blowing your way anymore.
    they, and it, doesnt matter. what matters is the real friends youve made. your a great person vid. dont let some silly website get you down.

  12. Aww Vid, don't be sad. I don't think you'll ever be forgotten. At least, by the people that actually matter, your friends. Does it really matter if mares don't post about you, or if people don't remember you on the forums? Not really, because they aren't your friends. They're never really gunna impact on your life much. Never with anything important anyway. So just remember that, no one that matters to you will forget about you.

    I know I've not really commented on your blog much, but I have been reading it for a while. And I thought that you needed people to tell you that. And everyone above me's got it just right :)

  13. Well, according to some people at the Sims 3 forum, you are their rant queen? That's still royalty, right?

    I feel bad that you feel this way, but would you rather be remembered by the jerks who got you banned, or the people who care about you, enough to keep visiting, commenting and supporting you?

    Not to mention, I find your blog from other blogs(I think it was the Mare's Nest or FuryRed's). I'm pretty sure there are others who found you the same way, and if those blogs stay up, you won't be forgotten at all. :)

  14. aw poor vidicus! ill nevah forget you! EVAH! xD


  15. aw guys. Who the hell is the Anonymous comment? Thanks for kicking while Im down! >_< *gets troll spray* Danm trolls again!

  16. Trolls are good with ketchup, pass it over and I'll fry it in bacon grease.


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