Saturday, May 8, 2010

One last post for today...

Well I hope my antics of lately haven't turned you off to this blog or me. I can be a bit of drama queen sometimes and typing on the internet is so much different from irl. Much quieter in real life really. Just feel dumb about that whole incident yesterday now, but I don't regret what I said on that thread (I do here on my blog kinda). Anyway I'm not feeling to hot at the moment. Feel lighted headed alittle. Aghh, probably my allergies. I think I will take 2 days off though to relax with my family. Anyway....
Mothers Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Have a good one and see you in two days.
Also Zeri's leather jackets are awesome. Can you guys make me one Mare? Oh and EA fail shirt would be epic! Now I'm done. XD Catch you later! ^_^
Also forgot to mention I change my avi back as I would hate to see it culled. Now I'm gone. ;-)

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