Friday, May 14, 2010

Was a perma ban really necessary?! You knew the rant was coming!

Why the hell did I deserve to be perma banned for off topicness, which wasn't really off topic and was harmless! What the fuck?! I thought maybe a suspension when I opened my email, but a fucking perma banned. I knew if I got perma it would be for something stupid! They act like I get banned all the fucking time! I got banned once for a argument with Avie and 2nd time was revoked after I disputed it. Had to revoke it, because it was for a facepalm picture and I was letting them get away with that. They email personally to tell me I that they wrongly banned me and I even politely said thank you! So shouldn't that ban not count? Don't I deserve a second chance? If they counting other times when I was not banned, well it would be nice if they list them wouldn't it? Then what makes even more angry is I can't dispute it.  That my emails will longer be valid. Don't I deserve to dispute or explain myself! Why the fuck do trolls get to roam the board now without so much of a punishment and I'm perma. Not temp, perma! Then I know people who've been banned more then twice and got temp. Why did I get perma? It's not fair! Fuck EA! I never got warnings and now after one ban and a ban that even themselves said was wrong, I'm perma! The shock is gone, the feeling of sadness is still there kinda, but I'm now furious! Furious I tell you! Will I come back? I don't know now. Right at summer too! If I don't you will know where to find me as I will signing up on more forums and you can find me here! If I do come back I will be seen very little and I'm going broadcast who I am, you will know anyway! Right now though No, No, No...No! Can you blame me? I'm sorry to my fellow simmers. Not my fault EA are dictators and dicks! Gawd, I'm pissed!


  1. Girl I know how you feel...

  2. I'm so sorry about that Vid, and yeah, I'd be super pissed too.

    What kills me is how they say that you CAN'T dispute it AT ALL, EVER AGAIN. Now that's just some bullshit -- total "go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200". You should at LEAST have one chance to speak with a mediator or SOMETHING...

    The banning system is simply TOO FLAWED to allow for strict bottom lines like that. If it were a more efficient, stable, fair system, then I could understand it more, but everyone knows how jacked up the banning process is. To cut someone off like that so permanently, and with such FINALITY is just monumental fail.

  3. I am so sorry that this has happened to you, Vid! :( I can't help but think that someone is reporting you and others! I don't think the mods are catching everything you do by accident!

    If you want to come back, meet me somewhere and I'll buy HELS for you! LOL! I'm laughing at that, yet, I'm fucking serious!

    I will miss you on "the forum" but I will see you around here (on the nights I can stay up later than 6 or 7PM) :)

  4. Seriously? OMG thats crap, I love reading your rants. I'm sure you will be sorely missed on the site :(

  5. Have you given lots of ideas in the forum about the game? What would be great to see in future EPs? Maybe they banned you so they can delete everything you've written and then claim the ideas as their own? I can't help it, but the first thing that came to my mind was this other simmer in the forum telling how her idea was used in TS2..after they had deleted everything she had written about it.

  6. ^^0_0 i have given alot ideas and feedback. i would be so pissed Misty. I hope not.

    im glad someone likes my rants XD

    Hippie, dont worry about it. when im ready, if i get ready i will come back, but right now no. not after how they treated me. i will think about it. the report button is bein abused right now though!

  7. I'm not even gonna go into how ridiculous this ban is...

    I will say this though- hippiedippie you're right, the bans are due to people reporting. Custom Service admitted as much when I pressed them for an explanation as to why I was banned and others who did the same as me weren't- they said something like they couldn't moderate everything and if I wanted to make sure others suffered consequences for their actions then I should report them.

    It seems they just get these ban reports come through and then just issue a punishment without even looking into matters. What a fucking palaver.

  8. The people who run the site have obviously given authority to 10 year olds. The site isn't even worth bothering about anymore. All that's going to be left eventually are the trolls, and poor them, they'll have noone to harass, so they'll eventually leave.

  9. Ugh. I bet it's the wannabe mods and trolls that are reporting (cough jarsie and littlev /end cough). Btb, I made a banner about it:)


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