Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm frustrated today!

Well the forums are acting up today. Couldn't post most of the day, which was  annoying. So I decided try out this t-shirt thing after reading Mare today! They saw my thread last night asking it seems. Thanks. :-) I am this close to making one, but I can't figure out while my image won't show! I'm about go insane!!! I think it's because I'm impatient, hate reading directions, and hate not getting something. Been at it all day! I'm going read the directions and try one more time! By the way this would be third time I said I was going try one time, but I really mean this time. One more time I quit for the day! Grrr!
On a side note I have a rec badge, 1000 badge and Master rec badge now and only have two things in my studio. lols thanks EA. Failing as always.
Also ask Vidkid Part 5 will be posted soon. Anymore questions?


  1. Are you using GIMP or Photoshop? Also are you using TSR workshop?

  2. im using and MTS one.
    Mare posted a tutorial and it uses so downloadeded that.

  3. The CTU was too hard for me. xD I hate to say it but I like TSR Workshop better. I could never get it right on the CTU but I've had no problems with TSR Workshop. :O

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