Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ask Vidkid Part 3!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 now!

What would you say is your favorite kind of meal?
I would say pizza, but everyone says that. I love seafood! Crab cakes without claws! I would like one now, but they are bit pricey. I guess I'll just eat pizza!

Lets say you won $100,000.
Your friend took it from you.
You go to your friends house, and you tell them to give the money back.They say no and grab a gun from their pocket then point it at you.What would you do?
Try to reason with them and if I can't, tell them they can have it! It's not worth dying over!

If there were a group of ignorant, mediocre people-who would you destroy in a second? Why?
EA, because they are evil and I can't think of anyone else! XD

Who are the top five people you hate or hated from the Sims 3 forum?
No comment! They are very few I hate and well hate is strong word though. Maybe dislike. I rather not talk about it. The drama llama might come! 0_0

What sim would have to be your favourite? And least favourite?
(could be someone elses sim you've download, your own, or just one in game)
I like all the sims I make. Ronnie would be favorite guy, because he makes me laugh. My own Avi is favorite female. My all time favorite sim from someone else is Spat's pinhead sim! LOL I so have play him later. Too funny! Least favorite sim is Hydra's sim. I downloaded it so I could set her on fire! Might do it again. Hehe!

If you could have one super power, what would it be? And why?
And also, If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? And why?
The ability to transport anywhere like Nighcrawler from Xmen or the movie Jumper(it was so-so)! That way if needed money I could just pop into valut of bank and suddenly be gone in flash. That probably would make me a villain though. XD I could also travel which would be nice!
If I was crayon I would be pink as pink is my favorite color!

Part 4? Ah, why not! Go ahead.


  1. Lets say you had to choose between box A, box B, and box C.

    What box would you pick?And why would you pick that box?

  2. What's your 1 favourite CC item? (including mods and things for the game)

  3. What is the most sims you've killed in one sitting? Was there a specific reason or intention for killing them? If there was, did it go to plan?

  4. If you knew how to create mods, what would you make?
    I would make a better Dex :D

  5. What's your RL hair colour?

  6. hey

    i got 3 questions!
    do you have a facebook?
    who is your favorite simmer (besides yourself)?
    what is your favorite lady gaga song?

  7. ok, ill give ya some questions.

    1. what is your favorite site to visit apart from blogs? (meaning all blogs, not just your own)

    2. if you were in a situation of saving yourself and knowing you will live or having to save someone else and you might not live, which would you do?

    3. Do you love me? xD

    4. What would you like to see for a future expansion pack?

    5. Do you believe World Peace is acheivable?

    ok i had fun with those! i hope you choose to answer them all but if you dont no biggy! xD

    although i do expect number 3 to be answered!!!!!! Lol!

  8. Another quesiton:

    Choose: Superman or Wonderwoman?


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