Sunday, May 16, 2010

This whole thing was a slap to my face! *Updated*

First off Please tell JessDiane and the gang to shut up!!!!!!
You are not making things better and EA doesn't give shit about what you have to say! You are annoying most of forum, including making me go insane I can't tell you to shut up!!!!! I don't need people like you to stick up for people like me who are banned. Just shut up already! Your doing exactly what the people who reported me are doing: TROLLING!
The fact they are still posting is a huge slap in my face! Ok it went like this for me:

First thread: Oh that's nice! Ohhh dancing banana sig! hehe.
Third thread: Wow spaming much. Overdoing it alittle there.
30 threads later: Shut the fuck up!!!!!!  Damn I can't report you! EA you are hypocrites! I got banned for two sentences and your still posting!!!

Hippie was PO'ed as much as I was stated in her post:
Thank you!

But then more idiots came to hijack the thread:
Poor Hippie! Poor me and everyone banned! Like shut the fuck up! Do even give shit about me and everyone who was banned? No, because all your thinking about is yourself! Your dead to me CLOVER! Heard you don't like being called that clover! You too ledhkat! Your sig saids you care, but your behavior doesn't. Stop hijacking threads you morons!!!!!

The post up top sums it up!
You make me not want to come back! Then part of me wants to so I can report all the trolls. Seem like it won't work reporting them as EA loves trolls! Let me stop typing before I go into very very very long rant! I'm just disgusted! I deserve a apology and to be unbanned as this makes no sense!!!!

Still can't understand why she still isn't banned.


  1. ugh. they annoy me so much. I said some stuff on one of their threads and almost lost it on blaza whatever.

  2. ugh, they pissed me off today, I couldn't even reply or I would have lost it and told them off, big time.

  3. They're complete idiots vid. They're ignorance really didn't help. But I must say I got a good laugh out of how stupid they truely were. ;) We all miss you Viddy!

  4. Vid all this does is show they are completely immature and know that they can say whatever they want, especially against others who are banned without the problem of retaliation. Just slide over it and don't give them the joy of being front page news. I do like that Jass did apologize but sometimes it can be too little too late.
    Hugz to ya!!

  5. Vid, can I make one point? I know you don't want me here. I really do, I've posted up an apology on the forums, and also Jess's blog. Cause we, I, was WAY out of line But that isn't my point. Why didn't EA ban us? Coming back to my first post, a point I made. It's just a bit of fun to them, they knew we couldn't actually do anything, especially with everyone else against us. So it was just MORE FUN to let us continue on. I wish I had realised that sooner, I wish I had realised what the end would be, so that I hadn't started it in the first place.


  6. I agree with you Vid.

    I think it's good of them to have actually apologised for their actions but the fact that they are still able to post after their actions last night just shows what double-standards the Gurus really have.

    A lot of people said that they reported them last night; were the Gurus off yesterday or did they just ignore all of us?

    Their actions have proven without a doubt how utterly FAIL the Gurus really are and I genuinely got really angry about it last night.

  7. The gurus were not off! Who do you think kept
    deleting the threads? Along with those three, I also should have been banned! I started a
    thread about a banned member (a no-no), I cussed (also a no-no) and in technical I posted a link to MATY! The gurus must have been smokin' the good stuff yesterday! lol

  8. ^ikr! figures i will miss that free chance to post anything. XD

  9. Thanks. At least I know where I stand now.

    I've said I'm sorry, what more do you want? And yeah I'm banned, not that I paticularly care. Amieechu was right, you ARE overly-harsh.


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