Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ask me anything!

Fury sorry to kinda "borrow" this from you. Where I got the idea from. Hope you don't mind. lol Well I wanted lighten mood here and I think I'm misunderstood alot. Well instead rambling on, how about ask me? What do want to know about me? I wil pick 10 qusetions, post them, and if this goes well I will contiune it. I will not respond to nasty or to personal questions. I would like people to know I'm more than drama or ranting queen. and all negativity is draining. This blog need get positive again.
Ask and you shall receive. Be nice. ^_^
Note: Doesn't have to be sim related!


  1. Does it have to be sim related?

  2. I have a question!!!!
    If a strange person was at your door, you would...
    a. let them in because you like new friends
    b. call the police because they are a stalker
    c. slip $100 under the door hoping they will go away
    d. Pretend you're not home because you're too lazy to go to the door
    e. Invite them ou tot icecream because you are hungry
    f. Ask them to do your homework

  3. another question... how did you get gadgets to be on both sides of your blog?

  4. How much time would you say you spend on average Simming and/or on the forums?

  5. I have a question (:

    What is the craziest thing you've seen in the Sims game and the craziest thing on the forums?


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