Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello...EA are you there?

Well Paco was having some problems with installing some store content and hit up EA on it's live chat. Ok, it was not like it was any 3rd party content or anything. He simply was trying to install EA store content, so it shouldn't been any problems. Too bad for him EA customer service is a fail with capital F!
Guess they don't care about their review. Already in the crapper anyways.
1,2,3,4...*yawn* could of got a sandwhich by now. . .
Sorry Gagamummy/Jktee! Had too!smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Well let's continue...
Wow, I guess EA got their cash and ran! Who cares if you can't get any of it installed! Next time Paco try waving some cash in front of them. Seems to be only thing they respond too. *sigh*

Customer service Pictures, Images and Photos
On a side note that thread was deleted quickly. Typical EA.


  1. Thank you vidkid! *hugs*

    But when you think of it, karma is going to take place for them soon, with all the bad publicity they are getting.

    But then they wouldnt be able to make more EP O.O

    but still, thank you vidkid! :D :D


  2. jktee511/MummyGaGa/GaGaMummyMay 4, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    hey that's my picture you are talking about there!

    anyways, expect Philbert to become a mummy soon

  3. I could have warned of this, I too have sadly had this same problem, no problem with outside cc, but ea store gave me some problems. Wouldn't download, locked my game up mid download, IF it downloaded noticed a huge lag problem. I contacted them and got so much run around that I just said screw it and haven't tried to get anymore JUNK from the store since!! EA store stuff is crap anyway when compared to a lot of the 3rd party custom content I get! Sorry to hear you were so mistreated Paco! Darn shame!! Oh...had to add, I threw the old 'I want to either get answers to solving this problem or my money back' and I never heard from them. I don't guess they don't care, I KNOW they don't care. My contact method was via email to customer service.

  4. ...What kind of name is Philbert? o_O

  5. @Furyred - I was ABOUT to say that but I wanted an answer out of them, apparently it didnt matter, know I regret not saying it lol

    and yeah! What kind of parent names their child "Philbert" Gives me the chills just sayin it lol


  6. I think that you are doing a wonderful job getting them posted. I am just glad that you are doing it!! Way to go!!

    EA Games Help


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