Monday, May 10, 2010

Perma banned for a dancing banana? WTF?

As I read on Kelle's blog, Simjenn was perma banned for challenging her first 72 hour banned. She posted the first letter here and well we thought that Simjenn would be back posting soon, but sadly no.
The first letter as posted under comments on my blog:

Well she has been perma according to Kelle, which you can read here! Perma banned for disputing a ban involving posting a banana? ok. Now lolcats, facepalms, and dancing bananas are ban worthy? Well EA get ready to see more of these guys! *evil laugh*

Banana Pictures, Images and Photos

By the way Simjenn spam the hell out of their email box! Include a couple those bananas in those emails too! Hehe!


  1. uess it's a good thing for me that I don't know how to post pics.
    What the heck is going on over there?


  2. lol vid, i cant believe that happened when i what she said. srsly i want to see what EA's reasoning is behind this ban.

  3. Argh. EA, just crawl in a hole and die, okay? You'd be doing us all a favor.


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