Friday, May 28, 2010

Ask Vidkid Part 4!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Fore!!! XD I mean Part 4 now!

Lets say you had to choose between box A, box B, and box C.
What box would you pick?And why would you pick that box?
A because my real name starts with A. hehe. What is it? Ask me later. hehe

What's your 1 favourite CC item? (including mods and things for the game)
Hmm...the cat ears from Simscave! So cute. I use the ones from Rose too.

What is the most sims you've killed in one sitting? Was there a specific reason or intention for killing them? If there was, did it go to plan?
3! I did for my Clue story, that I was suppose continue on here. >_<  Everything went plan! Dexter works great! :-D

If you knew how to create mods, what would you make?
First off hello Lehdkat! I like apologize for getting at mad you for something silly. Well this post here. If had points I would gift you. :-(  Take note I didn't have mention that, but I wanted too. I'm sorry Lehdkat. Clover/Switch too.
To answer your question I would make a mod that would allow CAS to have more family relationships. This often bugs me in making families. A Dexter would be FTW though! :-D

What's your RL hair colour?
Dark brown. Like really dark brown. Almost black, but if you look in sun it has brown tint to it.

do you have a facebook?
No. I use too, but I deleted because I was tired a certain HS mates bugging me! Don't ask. I might make another. 

who is your favorite simmer (besides yourself)?
That hard! You? Too many to name! :-D

what is your favorite lady gaga song?
Poker face!

1. what is your favorite site to visit apart from blogs? (meaning all blogs, not just your own)
Hmmm...Google. On it now! I search about everthing.

2. If you were in a situation of saving yourself and knowing you will live or having to save someone else and you might not live, which would you do?
I want say save ther person as it would be right thing to do, but I don't know. I would hope do the right thing. :-(

3. Do you love me? xD
Nooo woman! XD (kiddin) Of coruse! *hugs*

4. What would you like to see for a future expansion pack?
Hot tubs, pianos, night clubs, and vampires! Nightlife done over again, but better!

5. Do you believe World Peace is acheivable?
No I don't think so. People will never agree and they always be fighting. :-/

6. Choose: Superman or Wonderwoman?
Wonderwoman. Her outfit is much better I think. XD

I'll do one more part and then I'll take a break! Part 5 next! The last part for a min so make them good!


  1. What was the happiest moment of your life? xD

  2. What do you like more, cakes or waffles?

  3. A few more questions

    Have you mummify anyone in World Adventures yet?

    What is your biggest secret?

    What are your plans with The Sims 3: Ambitions?

    Would you rather be a ghost, a SimBot, or a mummy?

    Which tea pot do u like better: this one: or that one

  4. Thas right you BETTAH LOVE ME bish. xD lol

    world peace...agreed.

    Wonderwoman FTW although...superman.... *waggles eyebrows xD*


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