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Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - THE FINALE (A6 Pic + Scores)


52 Stellar Points
*You were tied originally, but looking back at your average placement throughout the competition, you came out on top

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Ahhhhh! OMGawd! I won! *jumps up an down* It saids 1st. :P

A lot people dropped, so the host decided to cut this short unfortunately. I'm a little sad it's over since I won't be finishing my story, but I'm relieved too. It's getting harder and harder for me to meet deadlines now.

Note: My last piccie came in 3rd though, but my overall points gained me the win. I almost dropped during the last round, so I'm glad I turned something in. It turned out being a pretty good pic.

If I had more time and patience, I would of tried the other idea I had for this. I went kind of the safe route, because I didn't really have any ideas till I got way deep into making this one. Oh well. I think it's still good. :)

As always the story is the very last thing in this post. 

My scores for the last pic....
89 points
Personality: 4/5
Story Creativity: 9/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 46/50
This was really a great story. You had a lot of interesting details and some real suspense. I really loved the ending – the cliffhanger is a great idea! I think that the twins look pretty cool in this one and I am intrigued by where you’re going with this. Good work!

Michelle j10k83.jpg
Personality: 4/5
Story Creativity: 8/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 8/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 3/5
Total: 43/50
Well way to leave us hanging lol, I have to know what the twins are up to. I think you did a nice job on your story it had a lot of detail and some action which is good. I thought your extras were a bit to posed in the picture but it still fit well with the story.

Woooo! It feels good to win a competition. It's been awhile and I've been itching for a new snazzy siggie. I'm really surprised I won the whole thing. I think if Poida (yes the one and only Poida) hadn't dropped, he would of probably took 1st. His pics were super creative and he won a lot rounds too. :)

I'm surprise I didn't drop myself. This was a really hard assignment and I just had a really tough time getting it done. I think if I hadn't finished Art of Love early, I would of been screwed. It took me forever just to dress them all. Then when I finished the pic, I started not feeling well and I was late getting my story in. It's really a simmming miracle, I got anything done and I manage to pull off something really decent looking.

As I said before, this pic was the safe idea. The assignment was to show your alien/model in the midst of alien invasion at the school and to incorporate the military trained orange alien twins we were given in a previous assignment. When I thought of an alien invasion and the twins, I thought scary aliens and a fight scene. So I did scary aliens and a fight scene. I couldn't think of any creative ways to spin it at the time and it was a chore just thinking of ways to do it, so I just went with the safe route. I'll get to the more creative idea I failed to do later.

Anywhoooo, I downloaded tons of cc for the scary invaders. Freaky skins, eyes, horns, and guns. I was going do bows and arrows, but that seemed a bit too primitive after thinking it over. Anyway, the invaders took most the time in CAS because of all those things. I even gave the female one scars on their faces. Dressing Nova was a slight annoyance as I didn't really have any outfits in mind. Dressing the twins was easy peasy as I wanted them to look like badasses! I did change their outfits to green last min, because someone else had them in black outfits and it just look too similar, but that's about it.

Then I found kidnap poses at MTS, which helped tons. Then downloaded cloudwalker gun poses and some ninja poses. The orange male twin was going be in a ninja pose, but I wanted him standing and I couldn't find a good standing one. The female twin is in one of the ninja poses though. The females at the lead invader side were poses I just lucked up and found in my list.

I wanted the lead invader to be really seeedy and gross, so I wrote him to be a really sleezy space pirate and hinted at how he treats the woman on his planets as slaves. If the twins hadn't saved Nova, he probably would of took her as a hostage and prize. Typical evil invader stuff. lol

The other idea that I thought of after I had set up everything already was a lot more creative. I would of done it if I hadn't finished making the invaders and such. I was just in way too deep into the "safe idea" to turn back and I didn't have much time.

If I was to redo this assignment another way, I would of based it more off the Nova's mean girl attitude. The invaders would of been submissive and peaceful. I would of probably made them greyish blue with robes. Then I would of had Nova saying a bunch of stuff, which would frighten them. I might even had them worship her almost, because they've been looking for someone to command them/be mean to them. Then the twins would of showed up ready to fight only to look dumbfounded that she tamed them. Gawd, I wish I had tried that! It would of definitely been different from the rest. It would of been funny too. If I had found the prayer poses I used in one my elf pics, I might of tried it maybe. Meh oh well. It wasn't meant obviously since I didn't think of it till last min!

As for anything else, building was a pain and I wasn't entirely happy with my set. It's just an ok set. Nothing spectacular about it. Just a setting.

I think that's it. Don't count on me joining anymore comps anytime soon. I don't have the patience or energy to do anymore right now. While it would be nice to enter another comp, I really don't have it in me to pull through another one. I still have my own comp to run and deal with. So competition wise, you'll be only getting Art of Love pics from now on as I'm still in that. Hopefully that lasts for a min.

As for the cliffhanger in my story, I would of probably had Nova (my model) find out the twins enrolled in Senior High for a top secret mission that involved her or something like that. It sucks my story ended on a cliffhanger.

The story may have typos, but it turned out better than I thought. I certainly wasn't in the mood when writing it.

I was blissfully unaware of the invaders at first. I did notice the hallways were unusually empty, but I didn't think anything was amiss. Maybe I had daydreamed though the announcements or missed it somehow, but I knew that something was definitely odd. When I reached Mr. Root’s Botany class the door was locked and the classroom appeared to be dark. I stood there wondering if school had somehow let out without my knowledge, but the door suddenly opened and I was practically yanked into the room.

“Are you insane?! What are you doing in the hallway alone?” Root shrieked locking the door behind me.

“Oh what I’m late again?,” I replied nonchalantly.

“No. We’re on lockdown! Didn’t you hear the announcements? The alarms? Anything?”

“Announcements? Lockdown? Meh. I must of been sleep or maybe I was doing my hair in the bathroom. So does that mean the test has been postponed?”

Then Ned who I had forgotten existed began rambling on in terror. “It’s invasion! We’re going die! I’m too young to die!”

“Get a hold of yourself for goodness….” I started to say, but I was interrupted by an announcement.

“Attention! We are on lockdown due a unknown life form entering our atmosphere. We ask students and teachers to remain in their classrooms till further notice. We repeat stay in your classrooms till further notice. The lockdown is in effect for your safety. That is all.”

“Oh why didn’t they say that before?” I sighed, which gathered a collected groan from the class. Ugh how dare they groan at me.

Anyway, instead of panicking I sat down in my seat and crossed my arms waiting for it all to blow over. I figured it probably was just a false alarm and if it was something, it wouldn’t be anything anyone could handle. I didn't really see what the big deal was. At less my father suddenly decided to destroy and conquered my school, no one had anything to really worry about. “This lockdown should be over soon” I thought as I sat back in my seat, but I was totally wrong about that.

I fell asleep waiting for the lockdown to be over. I must have been really tired and or really plum to fall asleep in Mr. Root’s class, because I woke up to the usual unwanted sights of his unusual classroom. Ants were crawling on me and vines laid on my head as if they grown there while I slept. I jumped brushing them off. Then I looked at the clock and realized hours had passed. “How long is this lockout going last?” I asked aloud sounding cranky and half asleep still.

“I don’t know,” Mr. Root said sounding worried. “I believe they have landed whoever they are. They‘re probably pirates or terrorist. We‘re safer in here than out there.”

“So we going just sit around and do nothing?” I said looking around the room hoping they would all agree, but no one said anything. They were all too busy comforting each other and shaking in fear like a bunch of cowards. Even Troy.

So I sat there and thought up a way to escape this horrid classroom. The more I stood and sat around in it, the more I realized I hated this room. The humidity alone was messing up my hair.

“Can I go to the bathroom?,” I asked batting my eyes.

Prof. Root looked over at me with a confused, but worried expression. “Well no. We’re on lockdown and the announcement said we’re not to leave the classroom.”

“Well I have a medical condition and the hallway should be safe. They can’t get in right?”

“No,” he said sounding unsure. “But….”

“Please?” I softly pleaded.

“Go quickly and do not stop for anything,” he said going over to the door.

“Thank you Prof. Root. I’ll try to come back as fast as I can!”

“Oh and before you go. Take Ned. He’s need his breathing amplifier.” he added before opening the door. “You need a partner anyway.”

Ned followed me out the door wheezing and cowering behind me. For a minute I thought he might pass out or kill over, but he walked me to the bathroom and then to his locker where he dug for his breather amplifier. He took a deep breath in using it.

“Ahhh. That feels much better. I get like that when I’m nervous or afraid or when the air quality is off and one time….”

“Shhhh….look. The twins.” I whispered pointing down the hallway at the two orange annoyances, Drakona and Galealel. They seemed to be in a hurry. They ran towards the door and they opened it using card keys. Drakona who seemed to be more in a hurry dropped hers as she left out the door.

“I’m going follow them.” I whispered to Ned.

“No. We can’t go out there and besides were get in trouble!” Ned whispered back.

“But she dropped her card key. She might need it. Don‘t you want to help? Aren’t you just a little curious as to where they‘re going? ” I said eyeing the card key.

“No. Just no. We can’t. You can’t. I’m going tell Prof. Root,” Ned whimpered holding onto his locker.

“No. You’re not.” I angrily replied and before I knew it I had pushed him into his locker. I closed the door as he screamed for help and ran full speed towards the door.

When I got outside, I realized I was standing outside on the side of the school. I had never used the door before, so it was new to me. I wasn’t sure if the twins ran towards the front or the back, but I found myself walking towards the back of the school. Everything appeared to be normal. I didn’t see anything really out of place. Even the back garden look normal. Books and bags were scattered about. Something about that seemed eerie, but it was nothing to be afraid about. They probably had left them in a hurry after hearing the announcements.

I sat down brushing sweat from my brow. It was hot that day. I almost wished I had stayed inside as the sun beamed on me, but since I was outside now why not explore and see where those twins went. I got up stretching and turned around to go to walk towards the front when a pair of unfamiliar eyes met mine. I backed up, but a barrow of a gun stop me in my tracks and dug into my back.

“Hi?” was all I could muster up to say.

Both the stranger in front and the stranger with the gun in my back looked almost identical with black helmets on. They both wore black and they had sickening green skin. They stared at me with their cold white solid eyes and said nothing. Then the one in front of me drew his gun too and they began speaking a language I hadn't heard before.

“I don’t know what you freaks are saying, but if you kill me my father will have your heads. I’m very important back home.” I said trying to sound tough.

They paused looking at me again and then they began speaking their unknown language again.

“Don’t any of you morons speak any universal languages like English?!”

They continued talking amongst themselves while keeping their aims on me. I thought I’m either going die from a gun shot wound or heat stroke. Then out of no where another greenish freak appeared, but he was dressed differently from the others. I could see his face and head clearly. He had stubby black horns on the top of his head and appeared to be wearing a brown cloth around his waist. He looked important and kind of scary as he walked towards to me smiling.

He began to speak in his weird language, but I interrupted him. “Do any of you bug eye freaks speak English? Don’t just stare at me you gross losers! I’ll have my father kill you all if you hurt me! He won’t stand for this!”

The important one paused and then spoke clearly in English, which caught me by surprise. “Oh wow what a big mouth you have pretty one. You’re fetch a pretty penny somewhere I’m sure.”

He then grabbed my arm with such a force I yelped in pain. He pulled me towards two others who were standing not too far away and showed me off to them like I was a prize.

“Ani’t she cute? I say we have some fun with her and then sell her for the highest price. What you think ladies?”

The woman who he was speaking to had different skin color, colorful hair and long black horns, but they looked to be from the same race. They looked quite horrid though for woman as their faces were scarred and one was even wearing a decorative eye patch. I could tell they were underlings of sorts as they looked at me shaking their heads in defeat and saying nothing.

He then tighten his hold on me and stared in the direction of two other new figures now. Drakona and Galealel. They were dressed in green combat outfits prepared to fight.

“Where the heck you two come from?” I gasped as they walk towards us.

“Shut up Nova!” Drakona roared.

“She’s a mouthy one.” he said smiling and he clasped his hand over my mouth.

“She is, but what do you want with her? She‘s not worth it,” Galealel said looking almost amused by the situation.

“You sure. She looks quite worth it to me and she smells delightful. She’s probably quite tasty,” he said licking his lips. He then to my dismay playfully smelled my hair and lick the side to my face leaving a trail salvia or goo on my cheek. I gagged immediately. He breath alone made me want to hurl.

“Let her go,” Galealel demanded. She’s a student at Senior High and you know better not to mess with the students here.”

“What are you doing here anyway pirate? What do you want? You do know what planet you‘re on right?” Drakona added.

“I do, but I needed supplies. I didn't know I would meet such beautiful woman though.” the invader chuckled.

“The military will be here any second. I think you’re going have to find your supplies somewhere else at less you like getting arrested.” Drakona remained serious.

“Fine. I’ll go, but you’re father still owes me one,” the invader said and then he let me go. I immediately ran over to the twins and began wiping my face.

The invader then walked off toward their ship I take it. I didn’t get to watch, because Galealel took it upon himself to grab me and sling me over his back like a sack of potatoes. I kicked and protested, but I might as well been talking to a wall the whole time. We enter the school and he put me down in the still very empty hallway.

“You know I could of handle that myself,” I yelled.

They both laughed at me and Drakona spoke. “Go back to class princess. You’ve done enough today. Oh and don’t tell anyone what happened or I’ll have you expelled.”

“What are you secret agents?”

“No, but it’s none of your business,“ she calmly said smiling. “You’re really are all bark and no bite aren't you? If I was you, I would be on my knees thanking us. You should really learn to be more polite.”

Before I could throw a punch or even retaliate, I found myself in front of Professor Root’s door and being pushed inside.

“She’s fine professor. She got the first aid she needed,” Drakona said to the professor. She was obviously lying.

“Well that’s good. Thank you for returning them,” the Professor replied and I looked to see Ned entered oddly saying nothing. Galealel must of told him to remain quiet too after he freed him. Something was definitely up with him.

Prof. Root then asked me to close the door as he walked up to his desk. I looked at Drakona and she smiled.

“And Nova stay in your lane. That includes Troy too. You’re out of your league.” she whispered and before I could answer, the door slammed right in my face. The lockdown ended shortly after that, but my suspicions for the twins continued. I don’t know who they are or what they are, but something is up with those twins.

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