Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blog under construction!- Nvm I'm done.

I just randomly decided to change it today, so please don't be frightened by the constant changes and weirdness you might see today while visiting here. Things should be back to normal tonight.

Update: I think I'm done design wise. I'm going start updating the link and thingys on the side, but that's about it.

Updated 2: I deleted a lot cc links on the side and added some. Added link include Forever and Always, Sims national, and Akiea Guinea's Tumblr.

Forever & Always moved, but she has a new tumblr with lots of good hair retextures. Sims National Design has A LOT of amazing male clothes and Aikea has some new clothes on her tumblr. Going add Darko Sims 3 too as they have some clothes.

As for anything else design wise, I might change the banner. It doesn't really match that well. Hmmmm.....

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