Saturday, September 6, 2014

I didn't get TS4, so expect only TS3 stuff from me

Well most know this, but I don't have TS4 and I don't plan to buy TS4 anytime soon. I'm quite happy with that. The thought of buying it did cross my mind, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy a game that doesn't have any features I came to love from the previous game or base game in this case. Just the thought alone of a closed world and loading screens makes me want to cringe.

I will only buy TS4 when it goes on sale and they put it in a bundle with good eps like seasons or toddler crap. Honestly after seeing the creepy baby glitch in TS4, the thought of toddlers in TS4 scares me. If they can't get object babies right, I can imagine what horrors they will create with TS4 toddlers. Well if we get them anyway. 

Even with added things like pools and toddlers, I can't see me abandoning TS3. Buggy as it might be at times, it has pretty much everything I've wanted in a Sims game. CASt, open worlds, and beautiful scenery. Aha talking about it makes me want to play it right now. :)

Anywhooo, I'm going try to come on here earlier and stop being a vampire with my late night post. I'm also going work on changing up the look of this blog. I might go back to something similar to my original look and banner. 

I should have a legacy update soon as well. I have some pics already, but I need to have Daniel's bday. 

Now if only I had took a pic of a toddler near a pool to end this post. Oh well you will have to settle with just a vampire toddler with a dinosaur.


  1. Looking forward to more updates featuring toddlers :D

  2. Yep you're getting toddlers and appropriate size teens. 2 things that can't be found in TS4. :P


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