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Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - A5 Pic + Scores

I was super nervous about this one, because I had no real ideas and I just winged it. I did better than I thought I guess.

94 points
8 stellar points
Personality: 4/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 47/50
So this was another wonderfully constructed assignment. You wrote very well and creatively. The image was set up almost perfectly, and really this just was awesome. I loved the interaction between Nova and the other two, as well as her fascination with the human species. I am curious why these humans were so important to Mrs. Tridox. Nova did make quite a mess of things thinking she was the boss of the other two, that poor Mrs. Bentley is going to need to go to the hospital I think. My one complaint about the image is Mrs. Tridox. She looks a little annoyed, but not nearly as stressed as she should be in the situation. Good job overall.

Personality: 4/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 9/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 47/50
I love the creativity! I think you did a nice job this week I really liked your story, I thought it was hilarious like something right out of a movie. If I had any complaints it would be that Mrs. Tridox looks extremely calm in the photo instead of stressed out like the story mentioned however the rest of the picture was very well done, nice work!
The assignment was to show my alien/model doing her favorite teacher a favor, but they had to mess it up somehow.

I knew from just reading the assignment, I was going have a hard time and I did. Other than the idea for the teacher, I drew a complete blank and then I caught a sucky head cold to top it off. I had to ask for my last and final extension (we can only have 2), because I knew dang well it was going get done on time. 

The idea for the teacher was already in my mind, but the main idea was not totally realized till I started putting it all together. I build an setting and I just arranged some of  the core idea I did have around the poses I could find. The styling was easy for the most part since it was mostly uniforms and I didn't need to do anything too special. The setting was not exactly what I pictured, but it came out looking ok. TBH it's hard to explain, because of the chaos and sheer madness that went into it. xD

Editing it was also equally unplanned and thrown together. I had hard time finding food to put on the tray and it was just not a fun edit. The tray and the food are edited in b/w.

I wish you could see the teacher more, because she was the only thing that turned out like I wanted. I wanted Nova's favorite teacher to be her art teacher and member of her alien race. She suppose to be selling her art to the humans. Anyway, read the story for the rest.

The next assignment is to show another alien race evading the school and to show the orange twins from the previous assignment in it. I have no ideas at all, so this should be interesting and fun yet again. >_>

Me again. No. I’m not in trouble again, but I made a fool of myself and messed up AGAIN. *sigh* That seems to be the on-going theme with me. I don’t know what happened, but it started when my favorite teacher asked a favor of me. What favorite teacher you say? My art teacher, Mrs. Tridox of course. The one known for her trademark kimono and gorgeous looks. She’s from my home planet. Names like that are quite common on my planet. I think she took a liking to me, because I’m like her and no one from my species goes to the school. None that I know of anyway.

She has taken me under her wing a bit. I think she may be one of the few teachers left who hasn’t accused me of something. She definitely got me out of the trouble with the whole cheerleader fiasco. I would of got expelled if it wasn’t for her, so when she ask me to help her out with her fancy dinner she was having, I couldn’t say no. If anything I was happy to help. Fancy food, fancy people, and fancy art? It sounded awesome!

I showed up on her doorstep dressed in the uniform she gave me the day before and I was right on time. She wanted me to be a waiter of sorts. I don’t know anything about serving others, but it sounded fun. She explained that we were having two human guest and that she would be showing them her art work. She also stressed that I must be on my best behavior, because humans are really sensitive. Hmm….maybe that’s why Professor Root is still really upset with me and frowns every time he sees me.

Anyway, she answered the door and invited me in. I wasn’t expecting the house to be so huge and fancy. It was gorgeous. I also wasn’t expecting anyone else to be there from school, but to my dismay they were standing there in serving uniforms as well. Galealel and Ulsa. “What are the odds,” I thought to myself. They didn’t seem too pleased to see me either. Ulsa looked frightened while Galealel just looked annoyed. None of us said anything to each other. We didn’t get a chance, because Mrs. Tridox was already barking orders and pushing us towards the kitchen.

“Ok. They should be here any moment. The name tags on are on their plates, so just serve them accordingly,” she quickly said before running out and leaving us three alone. We then instantly looked at each other and simultaneously asked “What are you doing here?”

“Huh? I’m here to represent the proud race of Dyparasians and she ask me to come here.” I bragged before Galealel could open his big mouth.

“Fine, that doesn’t excuse you from being a troublemaker.” Galealel remarked. “Well I’m here for the heavy lifting. I didn’t get in trouble or anything like some people may have.”

“Me either,” Ulsa squeaked.

“I didn’t get in trouble. I told you…” Before I could finish my sentence Mrs. Tridox was back asking us to bring out the main course. “Hurry! They’re here early! Oh my. They don’t like waiting, so hurry. Don’t forget the name tags either! That‘s very important!”

We peeked outside looking at the guest. They were sitting outside on the porch overlooking a garden with art pieces and sculptures surrounding them. A teapot sat on the table. One human appeared to be a portly male and the other a strangely dressed female. We looked at the name tags. “Charles Bentley” was on one and “Mary Bentley” on the other.

“Which is which? These names look so weird.” Galealel said looking puzzled.

“What does it matter?! The plates are the same thing. See?” I groaned pointing at the identical plates on the tray. I then gave the platter to Ulsa who looked like she was about to speak, but she looked down and quickly went to serve the guest.

Galealel then began lecturing me about something or the other. “She said it was important. What if the plates are switched and something bad happens. I think she did say something about one of the guest….”

“Who cares! She said to hurry, so we hurried. Don’t worry about it.” I said shutting him up. I left the kitchen in hopes to get some more breathing space, but he followed me outside and stood next to me towards the side watching the humans eat.

The guest took their plates and began eating. I had never seen humans eat. I was surprised they ate like my species with their mouths, but they were a lot messier.

“These are my students. They’re going be serving us this evening.” Mrs. Tridox said warmly and the humans nodded. “Someone get the deserts out the fridge please!”

Ulsa ran into the kitchen and brought out a big tray. She could barely hold it up, so I offered.

“Give me the tray!” I asked loudly.

“No. I got it,” she said politely.

Then out of no where, one of the humans began complaining. “This had nuts?! I told you no nuts! I’m allergic to nuts!” she shirked putting her hands on her face.

“Oh the name tags must of got switched,” the usually calm Mrs. Tridox said sounding unusually stressed. Galealel then shot me a dirty look as to say “I told you so.”

I turned my attention back to Ulsa. “Give it to me!” I screamed. I was determine to save this evening. I stomped her foot and grabbed the tray from her.

Ulsa screamed in pain holding her foot as Galealel came to her aid. I ran over with the tray hoping the deserts would make things better, but there was no hope. Things just got worse. The human man began yelling at me and for some reason I lost my footing as soon as I got near the table. I tripped sending the tray flying. The cake. The drinks. Everything went flying.

I don’t know what happened after that. I was too embarrassed to lift my head from the floor. I just laid there hoping it was all a dream. A really bad one that I would wake up from, but all I could hear was screaming and Mrs. Tridox calling my name repeatedly in not the nicest tone. I really hope my parents don't hear of this.

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