Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Small Legacy Update: Katherine the birthday girl

Another day, another birthday.
I need a birthday break. lol

 Ta da! Here's the little lady!
 Someone looks like dad. xD While we're changing your clothes, lets check out the scenery.
 Ahhh much better. Brntwaffle's midnight hollow lighting mod.
 Paintings by Dad, Henry.
 Oh there you go little lady. Ani't her little makeover cute?
 Having a nice chat with her eldest bro, Daniel.
I would of have more pics, but she turned into a tall freak after trying the "Get to Know" interaction. I still don't why that interaction was available, but I don't think it was suppose to be there since she turned into a tall side show freak. Anyway, I screamed like a banshee after seeing this and closed the game. I plan on getting back to it or maybe tomorrow. I'm hoping it's not corrupt. It seems like some interactions are missing and some shouldn't be there for certain age groups. 

*sigh* That was so f'ing creepy.....

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