Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TS4 adds ghost via the new patch and pools will be next!

No. I haven't join the dark side yet, but I feel obligated to acknowledge it's existence and report on any new free content EA coughs up that will make the game less of a shell and bore. For Halloween, EA has given TS4 players ghost and glitches galore via the new patch.

But wait there's more! You'll getting new coustumes, eye colors, and a new gnome in the current new patch. *yawns*
But wait there's even more coming in November and December!

"In November, get your Sim-suits ready (too much pun? Sorry!) because pools will make their triumphant debut in The Sims 4."

"December is Put-Your-Sims-To-Work Month, as we introduce new Career paths and rewards."

So it sounds like all the complaining is working folks! Wooo! Now if only they would add toddlers, cars, and a color wheel. Less loading screens creating a more open world would be nice too. Oh well. Continue complaining. The more we complain, the more likely we will see these things again and better the game will be with them. 

As for me, this bodes well for my future with the Sims franchise. Hopefully things continue in the right direction and the glitches don't continue to pile up.

P.S. Speaking of those glitches, people seem to be already having problems with ghost showing up. Typical.

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