Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: The Trick, the treating, and the flirting....

This is right on time for Halloween. :P I wasn't really expecting to play all that much yesterday, but I got really into it. I played for hours for the first time in ages. :)

Nicolas is enjoying his newly decorated room.
While purple is his favorite color, I didn't really like the purple room. This looks more like a proper room for an athletic inclined boy.

He immediately began working out in front of his new tv.
 Meanwhile, Katarina is working on her skills and cooking.
She has finally made it to level 8 of cooking! She can make plasma clobber now and one other plasma goodie for her family. 
 Katherine on the other hand is busy kicking poor defenseless gnomes and planning for Spooky day.
 She dressed up in her costume and played with Mom while waiting for Nic to join her.
 Nic dressed up as scary hockey mask guy aka Friday 13th Jason while Katherine dressed up as a cowplant. :)
 They didn't have any luck with the first house they visit.
 They did get candy at the 2nd house.

 Kids these days. Always on their phones. ;p
 Despite the rain, I think this is the most successful and realistic Halloween outing I've had in this game. I also love the pop-ups!
 When the kids came home, they were welcomed with this sight.
 It took me a min to realize they were slow dancing. xD
 "Ew! My parent are being romantic! Gross!"
 Katherine wasn't pleased either.
 Daniel who spent the day off from the science lab decided to join the fun and tell a spooky story to his younger siblings.
 I laughed when the parents stopped what they were doing and sat down. It was raining too, which made it even more odd.
 Nic then played online with his half-sister, Angelique. 
I didn't know they had the headgear to go with it. :o
 After that he took his costume off to give out some candy and say hello to a pretty I mean girl. 
She's cute and single, so this has potential.
Unfortunately Nic jump the gun and planted a kiss on her.
 She didn't like it very much. His first kiss was a official FAIL!
As for Daniel, he was also in the mood for love.
 Hmm..she reminds me of someone. *Looks at banner* She's also cute, but she's taken.
 Well that never stopped his dad, so he tried and failed.
 Her son was also not pleased. lol
*sigh* Poor Daniel. Like father, like son.  lol 

Will try again, because going into the next generation with cheating would be too hilarious. I also want Nicolas to date that hotdog girl, so I'll be forcing on love while I wait for Katherine to grow up. I didn't really have any plans, so the game kind of made some for me. How awesome is that?! I'm excited for this save again! Woooo!

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