Thursday, October 2, 2014

EA making a buck off the exchange? (Update: They fixed it)

I haven't uploaded to the TS3 exchange since the forums was switched over to the new officials, so I was curious if it was working properly. So I started off uploading my alien/model, Nova to my studio. She seemed to catch a lot people eyes over on the new officials when I made her my avi, so I decided to share her with the world. :P I uploaded her yesterday without issue and she appeared in my studio like normal, but then I encountered a problem when clicking on her.

I got a freaking ad and no matter how many times I click the back button or refresh, it continues to give me an ad. Why is that EA?!
And before you cry fowl, I went on google chrome and got what it should look like.
Notice that I'm not logged in on that browser. I logged in just now to check and I got the same damn ad thing!
 EA, are you that strapped for cash from your flop that you gotta place your stupid ass ads on exchange items?! You make me sick! You really do! Lousy bunch of toerags!

Grrrr.....Anyway, look for this sim on my customs blog. Will be working on updating that today. 

P.S. I got the same thing clicking on another creator's recent upload, so it's not just me. :/

Update: Someone from EA must of been reading this blog, because it's magically fixed on both browsers. EA be

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