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The Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Strangers"

Sorry for the late night post. It took me a min to type this and another upcoming post (sim related).
Spoiler Alert! Major Spoilers ahead! Do not read further if you haven't seen any of the recent episodes!

I'm warning you one more time! Don't go any further if you haven't seen any of the Season 5 episodes or your planning to catch up! Do NOT read any further! *breathes in and out*

Ok. I warned you! Spoilers in 1, 2,3, 4, 5......

Ahhhhhh! Cannibals! *claps* I'm both grossed out and so excited!!! Ahaha! It's like the writers were reading my mind and saying we're give you some freaking cannibal Termites! You want em? You got em! So freaking awesome! Ewwww!

Now the show was a little on the slow side and all the commercials were driving me crazy, but the ending made up for everything. I'll get to that later, because a new character was introduced! Father Gabriel! I also want to talk about Tyrese. *sigh*

I think Father Gabriel can't be trusted. His cowardly ways are a danger to the group. I think he has struck up some type of deal with some unsavory people to keep himself alive all this time. There's no way he could of survived without someone doing the killing and looting for him. As for the sins he spoke of, I think he locked out his flock/church goers out of the church right when s*** hit the fan and left them to die basically. The glasses wearing organ lady and the rest of the flock probably all ran to the food bank after that, but they all perished unfortunately. Pretty much why Father Gabriel was ready to die when organ lady zombie try to get him. Rick should of let her kill him, because he's pretty useless on top of being a dirty coward.

I don't think we'll be seeing Father Gabriel all that much once the group finds out his secrets. Rick already doesn't trust him. Plus we don't need another useless person joining the group. We already got Eugene.

As for the slowness and all the talking, meh I don't think I need to address that really. I do think Maggie should of been more angry at Tara, but the whole episode was about forgiveness and such. Really don't care either way, but you would think she would be more angry. She doesn't seem to be worried about her sister all that much either. You would think she would be in a panic asking questions and pushing to look for her too. Like WTH?!

Speaking of Beth, looks like Daryl and Carol are on the way to finding her. I do think Carol was thinking about leaving though when Daryl showed up.

Now before I forget and get to the good part, we must talk about Tyrese. WTF?! I thought Tyrese beat the guy to death, but his swollen fugly face was standing around the fire at the end. Tyrese, you moron! How could you? He threatened baby Judith and made you go outside to the walkers! Are you insane?! I know it's hard to kill an actual human even in their circumstances, but this person was a a major threat! If Tyrese wants to survive, he's going have to get his hands dirty and kill. It's just that simple.

This also confirms that Rick was right about going back and killing the Termites. You can't leave enemies alive. Theirs always a chance they'll come back to get you. That been proven so many times in TWD. Damn you Tyrese for disappointing me!

Now for the best part! Bobecue! Poor Bob! I actually feel really bad for him. I was starting to like him and it was nice to see him with Sasha in this ep. I do think he got bit at the food bank when he went underwater. Actually I thought he might kill himself when he was outside crying. Too bad Termites got to him first. The dude has no luck. First he gets bit by the dead and now he's being eaten by the living. I admittedly gasped and laughed when I saw Bob's missing leg and his foot on the grill. It wasn't funny really, but it was just so insane I couldn't help myself. Like OMG! They're actually eating him! Was so horrible and awesome!

Now it might not be so bad if the Termites and Garrett get sick eating him. No one has ate infected flesh before, so it's a possibility they could get really sick. Either that or Bob turns and eats one of their faces off. That could be fun to watch. xD

As for Bob, I think he's a goner. Even if they don't eat anymore of him, I think the bite or scratch will take him out. Some were saying the bite might of been on his leg, but I think it was somewhere on his torso and not anywhere where you could amputate. He would of said something if so. I think Sasha will find him though, but she may find him as a walker or partially eaten and in the process of turning. She has to find him, because you know she has to find out what happen to him.

And while I hate to say this, they are probably making room for Morgan to join the group.

Stuff I'm wanting to see in the next ep or eps...
-The Bobecue and the shock faces of the Termites when they find out they're eating infected flesh
-What does infected flesh do someone who's eaten it?
-Father Gabriel secrets and Rick's reaction to them
-Where's Beth?
-Michonne getting her sword back. (Thankfully Daryl has his crossbow)
-More cannibal stuff

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-The Termites won't get sick, because Rick has already vowed to kill Gareth. (IMO It would be more interesting if they did become sick.)
-Father Gabriel is working with the same people who took Beth
-Sasha will find Bob on the verge of turning into a walker

That's about it. I think I covered everything that was important. Feel free to comment if I missed something.

P.S. I won't be doing this for every episode. If it wasn't for the ending with Bob, I would of waited due to the slowness of this ep. So if nothing major happen next ep, don't expect a post. With how this season is going so far though, I might have to talk about every ep. lol We'll see.

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