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Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Four walls and A roof"

Spoiler Alert! Spoilers ahead! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen this ep or any of the previous eps!!!!

You have been warned! I'm about go all crazy with spoilers! Save yourself now if you don't want to be spoiled. 1..2...3...4...5.....

Ahhhhh! Tainted Meat! You ate tainted meat! Bwhahaha! Best line of the season so far. OMG!

I'm going talk about that line, Bob, the Terminus folks or Termites as I like to call them, Father Gabriel's confession, Tyrese, and the bus to Washington, and the ending.

Ok Bob! The actors who play Bob and Sasha did an amazing job in this ep!  Bob managed to win me over to the point I cared about his death and I felt horribly sad for Sasha. Those two were so cute together. I was caught off guard by their coupling at first, but they both won me over and made me like them. *sigh* Poor Sasha. Poor Bob. That was a difficult death to watch. :(

On a lighter note, the tainted meat line is right up there with "Lizzie, look at the flowers." It was too freaking epic! I'm mad we didn't get to see what tainted meat does to someone, but it's nice to see Bob get the last laugh. xD

Now for those horrible Terminus cannibals! Ahahahahaha! Rick kept his promise and kicked some arse! I knew they hadn't really left for the Termites' camp site. It was too dark in the church for them not to be hiding in the back. Still it was a really tense and rewarding scene. I was wishing they had showed more of the gore when Rick was chopping at Gareth. I actually was hoping he would chop his head off or slit his throat like they did in Terminus at the trough. I feel like a sicko for saying that, but I was disappointed when they moved the camera up and away from the slashing. -_-

By the way, I notice some people were looking at Rick with a horrified expressions during the slashing scene. Maggie for one looked upset. Is that why she left? Tyrese also looked disturbed, but that's his usual look lately. He irritates me. Like grow some balls please, Tyrese! Yes he muster up the strength to kill Bob, but that was out of mercy and doesn't count. He's going have to do more than that!

Speaking of someone needing to grow some balls, Father Gabriel. Yeah he's another one who needs to grow a pair. I was right about him. He locked his flock out the church like the sucky coward he is. I can't help, but think he has one more secret to tell. There's no way he could of survive by himself without any help, so has to be doing something shady.

Well Rick and co will be protecting him for another ep or two it seems. They stayed, but Maggie and Glenn left with Abe. I find that strange they would offer to leave with him after being with Rick so long. They just reunited with them. Anyway, that's not my biggest gripe about this. The biggest issue I keep saying over and over is WHY ISN'T MAGGIE SEARCHING FOR HER SISTER? WTF kind of sister is she? Not only is she not searching for her, but she's leaving to go to Washington taking her further away from her. What is going on? She searched the whole damn world for Glenn, but not her sister? That's f'd up. Like that makes no sense. smh

The ending was pretty much a clifthanger and it drives me insane how they ended it. Why does Daryl look so upset? Who's with him? Where's Beth? Where's Carol?! I will be forever asking this till next Sunday I guess.

As for the episode as a whole, I loved the whole pace of it. Kept me at the edge of my seat. Just another amazing ep. If they keep this up, this might be the best season yet.

P.S. I'm going kind of miss the cannibal stuff and Gareth. I would of liked to seen one more episode where Gareth and the whole hunting aspect was fleshed out (pun?) more, but oh well. 

Glad Michonne got her sword back at least. :) Moving on....

Stuff I'm wanting to see in the next ep or eps...
-Why does Darly look so disturbed and who the hell did he bring with him?
-Where's Beth? Where's Carol?
-How has Father Gabriel survived all this time? Is he working with someone?
-Rick & co. leaving the church without Gabriel
-What's left of Washington

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-Father Gabriel is working with the same people who took Beth
-Daryl brought back a group of unknown people, but not Beth
-Carol is in some type of danger
-Gabriel might tag along with the group and be completely useless
-The bus with Maggie and Glenn won't reach Washington. Something bad going happen.

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