Friday, October 31, 2014

Legacy Update: Teen love, Kat's granddaughter, and snow...

Just some pics from yesterday play session. No ones aged up yet to my dismay. I think my aging setting are off. Either that or I'm impatient. 

Henry seems to be enjoying time to himself though. The house is empty during the week.
I redecorated Daniel's room and gave him a bigger bed. So far he hasn't had any action in it yet.
He did take time to scold his brother. Nic is barely passing in school. He has a "D". lol Nice for a change since sim kids make the honor roll more often. 
"Time out mister! Stand there and think about what you did with your arm partly in the record player!"
He then sat around moping while he did his homework. 
Katherine: "What you say?"
"I told you I was a princess."
Mom let Nic off the hook later the next day.
He immediately ran off and wrote his crush a love letter.
Mom got on the phone with Angelique (daughter) while Katherine took the couch out for a spin. I love her face in this pic.
Nic decided to visit his crush since he was off the hook. 
I think her name is Alesha. Anyway, she's the hotdog girl from Spooky Day.
Fall left and winter is here. Katherine peeping out at the snow from her tree house...
Oooo haunting! I took the lighting mod out, because I was planning to play in another world and I didn't want the same lighting for it. Meh, I might leave it out. 
I gave Katarina a new outfit and hair. She looks like vampire Barbie.
Daniel didn't like the makeover his brother gave him though. Hehe. Never get tired of that prank.
After Katherine got all spiffy, she decided to visit her daughter and granddaughter. They live with her ex-husband, Jack Limb unfortunately. Seems to be still a spark between those two.
She then met her granddaughter for the first time. Her name is Bambi. TBH, I hate that name. Reminds me of the deer. 
She seems to have pink roots for some reason. Oh well, she's a cutie. Kat had fun playing with her. I don't know where the daughter went at the time.
Meanwhile, Nic has finally won over his crush.

He asked her to be his girlfriend.
And she said yes. Woooo!
I feel bad for Daniel. His brother has got no action what so ever. It fits his awkward personality, but still I gotta work on his love life. Oh on a positive note, Daniel did gain the extra trait, computer whiz for his reaching the nerd social thingy. That's kind of cool. :D

The next post might be a party for X-mas or snowflake day as they call it. I'll probably invite Kat's daughter, the granddaughter (if I can), and Nic's girlfriend. Be nice to have a family outing too for once. My sims are such homebodies. xD

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