Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walking Dead!!!! I was watching! Season 5 premiere thoughts!

Spoilers ahead!!!! Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, ahead! Do not read ahead if you haven't seen this ep or the previous eps!

If you're reading this you are about to read some major spoilers. I warned you!!!!! 1, 2, 3, 4,......

Ahhhhhh! Epic! Action everywhere! I couldn't keep my eyeballs away! Wooooo! Go Rick! Go Carol! :D

I'm not going to go into every detail and I don't feel like making a long post about it, so just the main stuff. First off, let's see if any of my questions were answered or if my predictions came true. From the S4 finale post...

"Lure them into a false sense of peace almost, so it would be something different rather than getting into a big battle right away again. We'll see, but it looks like it's going be another tedious battle right at the start."

Well we didn't get a tedious battle, but we got a big battle again and it surprisingly ended all in one episode! Kind of bummed about that since we waited for Terminus all this time. I was hoping they would do more with Terminus and the whole creepy cannibalism theme, but oh well. They'll on the move, which is sort of refreshing considering the past seasons with the jail and the farm. B/w the opening scene with the trough was hella creepy and awesome!

-I want to know more about Terminus and the people there
Well we definitely learned more about Terminus. Turns out they were once good people till a group came in and messed things up. 

-I want to see Rick and Abe team up to kick some butt!
We saw Abe and Rick fighting as a team, but it more like they were fighting alongside the group. I personally don't see them being buddies.

-Where's Beth?
Still don't know, but from the previews she looks to be quite alive and not on Terminus Mary's plate.

-Where's Carol, Tyrese, and Judith?
They showed up just in time to help Rick. Well Carol anyway did. I was pissed at how nice Tyrese was being in this ep, but he redeemed himself at the end.

-Who was yelling for help when Rick and co. ran pass the train car? (I'm thinking Carol & co.)
I'm guessing this was either the people that was bled out and killed or it was the crazy dude with that tats on his face. 

-Zombie baby! I will demand it till it happens!!! ;P
Ahaha! No zombie baby. I don't mind. After seeing Z Nation poor attempt at a zombie show and their zombie baby, I no longer want one. Still could care less about the baby though. xD

Stuff I predicted for Season 5 in my last post
-Cannibals! Terminus is full of them!
Yep and majority of TWD fans were right. Like I said I wished they had touched upon this more, but oh well. Moving on....

-The people's names on the floor are Termites that died
I'm not sure, but maybe so. They didn't really touch on that.

-The group will find out Eugene is full of crap
Ahaha Sasha question Eugene, so there's a possibility. We're find out later in the season I'm sure.

As for all the major things I haven't mention....
Carol was awesome in this ep! She literally saved the day and that was nice to see. I also thought her reunion with Daryl was adorable and even more adorable than Rick's reunion with the baby. I don't want them to be a couple, but I thought that moment was cute. 

Rick is finally a full fledged badass! Love all the action scenes and how he wanted to go back to finish off the Termites!

One name! Morgan!!!!!! OMG he's back and he's looks sane! If I hadn't been waiting for previews of the next episode and Talking Dead, I would of missed that! Like AHHHHHHH! Best entrance ever! Sorry Michonne.

Everything else was action, action, and action. Can't really think of anything else important enough to touch on. The group is alive and well, so all is good in TWD world for now.

Stuff I'm wanting to see for Season 5
-What are the little x symbols on the trees? Who made them?
-Where in the world is Beth?
-The group finds out Eugene is full of it
-Morgan!!!! More Morgan please
-Michonne finds another sword, because I hate the new thing she has. Also will Daryl get another crossbow? I hope so.
-What's going happen to the remaining Terminus peeps
-Abe and Rick. Will they get along?
-More fire zombies. Why? Because they're awesome!

Stuff I'm predicting for Season 5
-Eugene is full of it
-Morgan will join the group (duh)
-Lots of crap will happen. lol I have no idea what else to predict. 

The season just began, so I got more to ramble about down the road I'm sure. The show is wide open now they're on the road. Hopefully Season 5 is as awesome as it's premiere. Keep it up TWD crew! :D

P.S. If I missed something, do tell me. I'll comment on it. ;)

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