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Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - A4 Pic + Scores

This makes me so happy on so many levels! Even though I was happy with the final results of this pic, I was so not expecting 1st. :D

As usual, the story is after the jump. Forgive me for all the typos in it. I rushed it. >_<

98 points
10 stellar points
Personality: 5/5
Story Creativity: 8/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 48/50
This was perfect for the mean girl attitude and I adored the fact that you made Nova completely oblivious to the fact that what she said did hurt someone. She is such a blame-tosser and I love that. There were quite a bit of typos in this – using talking instead of taking, using brought instead of bought. So I was a little stumbly in places, but that was minor and nothing I marked you down for. You image = gold. Nice job.

Personality: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Timeline Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 10/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 5/5
Total: 50/50
This was a great story really funny and creative as usual,, nothing to complain about here! Nice work!

Ahhhhh! *jumps up and down* I feel like I've redeemed myself from Hot or Not. lol This is pretty much the picture that took all my attention from Hot or Not. I was super focus on getting this done.

The assignment was to show a event involving a rumor that has circulated around in the halls. While the usual way of going about this would be to have my model be the victim, I thought it was only natural Nova "Miss meanie" would be the rumor starter. So from the very start I had an somewhat of idea. I just needed a rumor and a story to back it up. I don't know why it took me so long to think of something, but it took me awhile for an idea to form. I was going do something with a locker room setting, but Poida (yes he's in this comp ^_^) did it first and I didn't want to copy. Yeah that appears to be happening a lot to me, but I reworked it and got another idea for a setting after seeing something to do with cheerleaders on tv. It was like a lightbulb popped over my head. The story and overall idea came to me then. :P

I decided to move everything to the gym and I based my idea off cheerleader tryouts. Mean girls and cheerleaders go perfectly together! :D Then I decided Drakona from the previous assignment would be the perfect victim! It's only fitting Nova would want to get back at her for taking her man and why not have Drakona try out for the cheerleader team! It was all just too perfect!

I wanted the gym to look more like a real gym rather than a futuristic/space theme one. I gave it futuristic touches, but for the most part it remind me of the gyms I've been in as a kid. Everything was easy except for the bleachers. I used steps to make them after seeing some examples and it turned out great, except for the hole. Yes no matter what I tried it made a big gaping hole in the roof of my gym. It's suppose to do that since it's steps, but it was messing with my lighting and it just a freaking hole in the ceiling. At that moment I almost gave up on it and did a outdoor track, but I knew with the time I had it was no way I could give up on it. Plus it was a lot work to just delete. So I decided that the pic would have to be angled enough where you couldn't see the hole and I would need a few extra lights.

Once I got that all out the way. I styled everyone appropriately. Was quite fun since most my models had to be in cheerleader outfits. I colored the outfits myself.  They were going be red and white, but I decided to go with the colors in one of the school posters I used in the last assignment. I kept Nova's clothes red and white since she was trying out. Then I dressed Drakona in the tightest gym clothes I could find. xD 

The rumor/wispering and laughing poses were hard to find, but I just lucked up and found some really good ones. The one on the floor is my fav. I did have to fix her skirt and hide some of it behind a ball, but I made it work. The guy poses are sitting poses I had already had in my pose folder. Drakona's too, but I tried quite a few before I settled on that one. The cheer captain/girl in the back pose was a pose I've been using a lot lately. lol 

Not much editing went into this. Lighting, hues, and skirt fixes, but nothing major.

The next assignment: 
""you will need to create an image/story that depicts a task that you've been requested to complete. The person asking you do something must be a teacher your model admires. The task should be something done outside of school and something that is very important to the teacher.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! There is a have to show us how your model completely messed it up. Your model may not accomplish the task perfectly. She must mess it up somehow and let the teacher down.

This sounds kind of difficult, but I'll think of something. I have an idea for a teacher already. I just need an idea for a task and a setting. :)

Oh here's the story. Like I said, excuse the typos. I typed it out really fast, because I had started not feeling all that great and I wanted to get it out the way.
I’m settling in just fine. What? I didn't start any rumors! Oh you just want to know what happen at cheer tryouts yesterday. I’m not feeling guilty or anything. I didn't do anything. Stop eyeing me like that. Geez! Those rumors you speak of were just us girls talking. Drakona "what’s here face" is just being too sensitive!

We were all in the gym for cheer tryouts yesterday. They were holding a special event for late comers wanting to be cheerleaders for our Blast Ball team. Blast Ball? I have no clue, but cheering looked fun. I had missed the first tryouts all because of stupid detention, but I was finally free this week of all my horrible punishments. Having detention for a month can make a girl busy you know? Sooo I decided I would go and see if I could make the team. I definitely had some moves to show them and I heard Troy would be there. I thought maybe I could regain his attention. He doesn’t talk to me much anymore. Ughhh I blame stupid Drakona!

Speaking of her, yeah she was there looking all big and fugly. She had a nerve to actually think she could be apart of the team. No one even likes her! Well us girls don’t. Unfortunately the dumb boys do. They were drooling over her. I totally don’t get it. She looks like a humongous orange man blob flopping around all over the place. Then she purposely did her stretches right in front of them of course with her tight workout clothes. It was so disgusting!

As for me, I was minding my business and practicing. Vega and the twins who are already cheerleaders were there helping out and judging us all with their cheer captain. They came over to wish me luck and give me some pointers. Vega, the green one is acting a lot more friendlier towards to me. I think we’ve bounded over our hate for Drakona. By the way, the conversation did become about the big orange earth elephant in the room. You couldn't help, but watch her. She was a travesty!

“She has to be kidding right?,” Vega would remark to me as she stared at her twirling about.

“I know. She looks so stupid right?” I replied back with equal disgust.

The twins just looked completely amused. They were laughing and pointing. I was for sure the boys had to find some of this a little amusing, but they were in their usual trances eyeing her down and drooling. Even Troy! I waved at him to get his attention, but he looked my way for only a second and drifted back staring at Drakona. It was so not fair! So I just said what I was thinking out loud.

“You know her boobs, her muscles, and everything on her has to be fake right? I could of swore I saw her taking muscle enhancements in the locker room!”

“What????” Vega screeched turning to me instantly. “You saw her taking something. We could totally get her disqualify if so.”

“Yeah I saw her talking pills and flexing her muscles. Gotta be steroids. I also heard her father is some military dude with money. That trust fund baby probably brought everything on her body. Her boobs, her hair, her muscles, that fake looking face. She’s not real folks. Heck, those pills might even been a birth control of some sorts. All that flirting has to be leading to something.”

“Oh my gawd, you’re so right.” one of the twins squealed looking over at my direction. “She’s a fake tramp. I bet she slept with the whole Blast Ball team!”

“Yeah. She’s probably thinking she got cheer tryouts in the bag with her sleeping around and fake body. I’m totally going tell our cheer captain about this. She can’t get away with this“, Vega said smiling almost.

I didn't tell her to go telling the cheer captain, but she insisted. Sure I could of stopped her, but what if it was true? It definitely something strange about that Drakona girl and her brother. How was I to know she was talking some type of atmospheric allergies pills and that’s she all muscular from her intense military training. It’s not my fault it spread all over the school and people actually believed me. I’m just glad she didn't follow through on her threats. She threatened to kill me! Shouldn’t she be in trouble? Her words were “I’m going to murder you, you evil…” Well you fill in the blank. I did nothing wrong! I knew I should of kept my mouth shut.            

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