Friday, August 15, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: Nicolas ages up into an un-awkward teen?

The forums has been quite entertaining and horrifying today, but I have a legacy update to post!

I was wrong about Daniel's bday. Nicolas bday is first and then Daniel is the day after. Anyway, sorry it's been awhile. I finally finding time and enthusiasm to play this save again. Last time we left off we had our little toddler princess, Katherine. She's is doing well since aging up. Nic meanwhile has been a great and horrible little big brother. You'll see why.
 Also stay tune for Nic's teen transformation.

He is getting along with his brother, Daniel.
 Sorry for the darkness. I should really put more lights outside.
Meanwhile, I'm enjoying having a little girl for once.
Henry too seems to love having a daughter. :)

 Nic as I said is both a good and horrible brother.
 He keeps stealing her candy.
 I made him give her a hug to apologize. 
 Then they played peek-a-boo.
 I can never get tired of that.
The household then got some visitors. Nic had a friend over.

Katarina and the kid's half sister, Angelique came over as well. She met Katherine as you can see.
Then she showed off her baby bump. Yep, she pregnant! Kat and Henry are going be grandparents. :D

Henry taught Katherine all she knows and she's now ready for aging when it comes.
Snowflake the gnome also seems to be her hangout buddy.
 I also had the family take a family portrait as I'm totally done with kids when it comes to this generation.
 Snowflake took time to admire the pic.
 Nic getting some early points in cooking.
 He ate the muffin before going to school.
 Daniel brought his friend and crush home, but she didn't like Nic very much. They got into an actual fight.
 For shame beating up a kid! Though I'm sure he deserved that. Nic does have the evil trait. 
With the fighting over, Daniel ended the night listening to his friend's ghost stories.
 The next day though things got even more eventful. Fire!
 But the oddly barefoot Henry put it out.
 Random guy standing outside in this cc shirt. Um sexy?
 With the purchase of the tea set from the store, it was tea time!
 "Mmmm tea. If only they made blood flavor tea."
 Nic brought another friend home with him.
 They seem to get along well. Nice to see him have a male friend.
 Daniel on the other hand found himself drinking some tea too.
 Been trying to get Kat skills up to level 8, so she can make plasma cobbler. I've been making her practice.
 Angelique then came over again.
 Kat took the opportunity to gift her the pie since vamps don't really eat pie and they had enough leftovers of cake. 
 Random adorableness. Ani't she cute? TS4 shame on you!
 More adorableness with big brother Daniel.
More fails with big brother Daniel. lol No luck with the IF portion yet. He's about to age up, so his creepy IF might not ever become real. Oh well.
 The birthday boy getting his beauty sleep. Not looking so beautiful though. Time to wake up!
 Birthday time! He had a lot guest come to his bday party. Daniel had to leave to go to prom.
 Even Kat's ex husband came. Jack Limb I think it was.
 I believe some of the guest left by time we got to this. Enough talking!
 Wooo! Nicolas is a teen!
 With a horrible haircut. lol
 "Ewww my parents are making out." Time to get a makeover then!
 I'm so proud. He looks awesome. I think this is the most unawkward teen I've ever seen in my game. He has the potential to be even more handsome when he gets older. He looks a lot like his father actually. I might make him my heir, but we'll see.
Let's compare.
Daniel is handsome in his own way, but I'm loving Nic right now. Daniel about to age up into YA, so he'll be getting out the awkward phase finally. We'll see. Then Katherine has some way to go. I need to consider her too.
 Both brothers are both teens for now. The next sim day will be Daniel's bday! I think I'll invite less guest this time. Nic's party was way too hectic and 2 parties back to back is tiring. So I'll be posting another update soonish.

P.S. I also need to make time for Katarina to visit her granddaughter. I'll try to do that for the next update. :)


  1. Fights and fires! Quite an exciting game you have going on there!

    I agree - Nic looks great. But let's see how they all progress.

    How are you getting the IF to get bigger? In my game they just stay the original size and don't bloody do anything!

    1. I think that's my first fire in that save and I didn't know kids could fight with teens. Definitely exciting! xD

      Once I get a chance, I'll have an party for Daniel and see how he turns out.

      My IF ran downstairs and aged up with my teen. He was even standing there expecting for the family to come celebrate his birthday, which was annoying since he was in the way of cutting the cake. I kind of wished he would sit and do nothing. I hope he goes back to his regular size soon.

      Does your sim talk to the IF? Maybe yours is glitchy. >_>


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