Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The TS4 CAS Demo is available for everyone!

The CAS demo is available on Origin under Free Games > Demo and Betas. I played around with a little and made....

My TS4 simself:
Well my rl self without the pink hair. lol My Dad said it looks like me, so I didn't do half bad I guess. Took me only a few mins. Hmmm...I might lower the eyebrows. Mines is lower on my eyes. Anyway...

What do I think about the CAS demo? I think it's kinda cool. I like that you can overwrite when saving the sim. I like that everything is sorted out in all kinds of different sections. I like that it has a search bar, which will come in handy for those purchasing the game. I like that hats are separate from hair. I also like the push and pull features somewhat. 

The push and pull things were not as smooth and easy as I hoped. It was quite difficult and really annoying actually. I had a hard time getting my mouth and jaw right along with other things, because there wasn't really defined set points for the pulling/pushing. It was also oddly easy to mess up with that feature as well, because I turned around to talk to my Dad and the mouse moved totally messing up my jaw. So then I had to do it all over again. The undo button didn't work very well. Overall, it needs to be smoother and they should add sliders for when pulling/pushing isn't giving the desire effect the player wants. 

The things I of course didn't like was the dumb walking styles. I mean they're cute I guess in silly sort of way, but did we really need those? The hair is fitting for the art style, but it's still lego-ish to me. Then of course the absent of CASt couldn't be ignored. *sigh* A simple color wheel would of been nice. 

TBH I would consider buying the game if my decision was solely based on CAS, but it's obvious this and some of build mode is the only thing worth buying about this game. I still won't be buying it. At less they have some amazing surprise they're holding out on, the game still isn't worth it!

P.S. You can't take pics in the demo with the C button like TS3, so you're going either need to use prnt screen and copy/paste it in paint or Fraps (like I used just now for the 1st time). 

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