Tuesday, August 26, 2014

True Blood Finale- Am I the only one who found it disappointing?

Yeah if you haven't heard, I binged watch True Blood and I got caught up enough to watch the final season.
I loved TB at the beginning. I loved Bill and Sookie. I learned to love Erick and he became my favorite vamp in the show. Then Season 5 came around and I began to hate it! The whole authority Lilith crap was HORRIBLE!!! Everything after that was horrible. I began watching it solely for Erick and Pam while cringing. Still I had hope for it. Now the finale.....

Major spoilers ahead.....

Do not read this if you haven't seen the finale. Even though it sucked, go ahead and watch it if you haven't.

I HATED IT! I want to to take a stake to it and burn it. I got so sick of Bill constant whining and complaining about being a vampire, I kept screaming at my tv: "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SIT IN THE SUN ALREADY?! DIE ALREADY!" Gawd Louis from Interview with a vampire was less whinny than him and he was just being mopey. Hell I was half waiting for Lestat to pop up and tell him to stop whining. Geez, I was one of the few people who wanted Bill to live and he just made me want to stake him myself after awhile. They spent way too much time on him.

Speaking of him and Sookie, what was the point of their love affair if she wasn't going end up with him anyway? She didn't even get Eric! She got a random guy who's face we didn't even see. WHAT WAS THE FREAKING POINT?

Then the wedding scene was long and drawn out for nothing. I stop caring about Hoyt a long time ago when he left for Alaska. Did we really need him back to marry Jessica? So he just ditches his job and life for a girl he just met and can't even remember? I wanted Jess to be with Jason and Hoyt to stay in Alaska. Jason's relationship with Hoyt's random girlfriend was just beyond stupid and a waste of time since we didn't really get to know her. Bill pushing Jess to marry Hoyt was hypocritical since their relationship was exactly like his relationship with Sookie. Sookie hearing his thoughts for the first time and having him feel more human was a missed opportunity that went no where.

Ok, back to Bill stupid logic. He can marry Jess off to Hoyt, but he can't be with Sookie? They almost got engaged before. Hell Arlean ended up with with a vamp. Lafayette is with a vamp. Why does dingbat Sookie end up with a faceless nobody and not the vampire who started it all? Hell Sam being her husband would of made more sense!

As for Bill's death wish, why couldn't he just sat in the sun and killed himself without including her. Why is he missing his wife and kids all the sudden? He wasn't missing them before. B/w did we really need 50 flashbacks for Bill and his boring past life?

I don't know why I question the logic of this show anymore, but I was for sure they would end it with her and Bill. It would of made more sense. I often wonder why she never became a fairy vamp. Yes, they made Bill a f'ing douche and he did some crappy stuff. I know that. I just wanted the series to end with what made the show. Their romance. They spent so much time trying to rehab his image. Why not?

Then Eric was my 2nd choice, but I knew damn well that wouldn't work and Sookie threw Eric to the curb a long time ago. Still mad they never rekindled anything.

As for the very last scene, it was too nice and made everything else seem pointless. Almost everyone had a vampire partner, despite Bill moaning about giving Sookie a better life. I believe one of Jason kids was too old for only 4 years to pass. Andy and the wife kids are still a couple, which is kinda wrong and creepy. Sam and his wife never had any chemistry. I found Nicole beyond annoying. I still don't understand how he could get her knocked up right after losing the love of his life. Then I saw Lafayette and realized they gave him no lines or scenes in the finale. Nothing. Not even a nice update on his new relationship. He's one of the only characters I still truly liked and he got nothing. It's bad enough we had to see him be pulled in with Tara and her annoying mother. They should of just kept Jesus with Lafayette (they had more chemistry) and gave them a finale scene together while sparing us some of the medium stuff that got old in the previous seasons.

The most annoying and frustrating about this finale was the faceless husband. I felt like I watched this show for absolutely nothing. To see her end up with a nobody that we can't even see the face of. WTF? I kept screaming "Who the hell did she get pregnant by?" hoping they would answer me, but they showed me a back of a head and some credits! AGHHHHHHHH! Either sideburns Wolverine got her pregnant or it Alcide stunt double. Hell I would of settled for boing Alcide to be her husband. I would of even been ok if she was alone and found love while out jogging or something. Anythinhg, but that!

As for anything positive, I liked all the scenes with Eric and Pam. I wished they had spent more time on them and hadn't wasted so much time on Gus & co. in the previous episodes since they killed them off so quickly. I also loved the scene when he's driving and bobbing his head to the music while Gus' men are all piled up in the back. I need a gif of that stat! lol I liked Sarah's fate. Too bad they did such a crappy job with Hep V stuff though.

The finale was just really dull and disappointing. I feel like HBO owes me. I feel like HBO owes everyone. I need extremely long season of Game of Thrones stat!
I'm also going need this man number, so he can come over and console me. Then marry me. *sigh* Jon Snow.....

R.I.P True Blood. They finally put you out of your misery.

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