Monday, August 11, 2014

Now we have 2 sites? Who knows! The NEW Official Sims Forums....

The sims 3 forums is still "read only", but a new site has appeared to be the new officials: 
You going have to login on your origin account to see it, which it just f'ing lovely and stupid.

I hate this site already. I want to punch and torture the sims 4 sims on the banner. Then I want to slap and kick the person who decided this was a good idea. Yeah I'm feeling quite violent tonight. I was in a fantastic mood till I saw this crap (and the news about Robin Williams -R.I.P).

The Sims 3 forum has been squeezed on there, so no worries TS3 fans. I just find it all quite pointless. Like I said on that dumb butt forums,  "What a waste of freaking time this site is! I swear they'll find anything stupid to do rather than fix all the glitches in Sims 3. The site was fine like it was. If anything, they should reactivate and save us from logging on this hideous site!"

I still stand by that statement. I hope The Sims 3 officials aren't being abandon and if so, I hope they take the time to announce the changes. I wouldn't even knew it existed if it wasn't for other simmers telling me. Somebody also needs to fix the link on homepage forum tab, because it leads right back to the original forums. Fail!

Also great job letting the trolls back on with their banned accounts! Fantastic! You're just so fantastic at failling it's amazing!

Now for my own personal nightmare and anger about this. My competition has been transferred to the new site, which is fine. Just be nice if my contestants knew where this crap is! I swear if they don't give any indication on the original site of this existing, I'm going to go insane! If you're in my comp please check in if you can!

I'm going have to figure out how to resize the pics that are not longer showing it seems in that thread. Gawd I'm about had it with EA and this Sims 4 s***.  They are driving me crazy! Aghhhhhh!


  1. I used adblock to block the top banner!


  3. well isnt this a big bag of suck. i cant even log in to origen cause i forgot my credentials. (and just didnt care enough to find out) *sigh* there is just no place for me in the simmerverse anymore

    1. I saw you earlier on the forums, I guess you got through! Woo! It's always a place for you in the simmerverse! ;)


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