Friday, August 22, 2014

Healthcare. It pisses me off!

I didn't feel like having two post about this, so I'm reposing the original and giving you an update since I owe you one.

Original Post: No, Roxie is fine and in the clear now again. No, this time it's my dad. He's going be having surgery tomorrow on his eyes. Well his eye lids to be more specific and maybe one other thing in regard to his eyes. I won't go into details, but he's going probably need help getting around and such. So I'll be helping out as usual. I went through something like this before with my grandmother, so it shouldn't be too bad I guess. They said he should recover quickly, so maybe it won't be too horrible. Please send your good vibes and such over this way though.

So this is just a warning in case I'm not around as much. He took 2 weeks off from work, so hopefully by 2 weeks he's ok and seeing properly.

*sigh* Still this whole thing has us nervous. Hopefully things go smoothly!

Update: Well I woke up this morning worried sick and nervous about my dad surgery, but he came in looking just like he did this morning. So I was like "WTF". Turns out his job insurance is based in South Carolina and they didn't want to "authorize" the freaking surgery. I don't know why the freaking doctors couldn't have found this out beforehand, but they told him they couldn't do the surgery today due to that and they would have to reschedule for September 28th while they get everything straightened out. So my dad and grandmother waited for hours for nothing. Plus he's off for two weeks for nothing and he's going have to probably ask his job again for time off, which is going be lovely since the people at his job are a-holes. *sigh*

Well he's off for two weeks. I guess we can go to the state fair now and do crap while the summer is still here. He can see enough to do that. With the surgery it would of been more improved, but it obviously wasn't meant for now. Oh well.

Apologies for making you worried. Healthcare is so f'd up over here. It makes no freaking sense!


  1. No apologies ;-) Healthcare is f'd up here too, and very expensive :-(..I live in The Netherlands. I hope your dad gets the surgery soon! get well!

  2. Thank you and yeah it's expensive over here too. It's a shame how they can put a price on something as simple and important as heath.


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