Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hot or Not Cycle 4: A7 pic and scores

I've been meaning to post this.
89.5 points 
I'm in amazement I manage to snag 4th with this. All the pics were fantastic!

Photo Quality: 5/5
Photo Presentation: 5/5
Model Appearance: 8.5/10
Creativity: 9/10
Romantic: 15/15
Requirements: 5/5
Total: 47.5/50
I’m super impressed with this, Vid. You have created a lovely image here and I adore the autumn feel to this whole thing. I am a fan of the colors that represent autumn, so you scored with these deep reds and beautiful golden colors. I like that this appears to be an evening shot, but that Tiffany is still well-lit. I think her wings were cute and the pose is excellent to work for the romantic feel. The outfit is a nice touch, not the most exciting, but definitely works for a fairy. Good work this round, Vid!

Photo Quality: 4/5
Photo Presentation: 3/5
Model Appearance: 8/10
Creativity: 7/10
Romantic: 15/15
Requirements: 5/5
Total: 42/50
Vid this is beautiful! Tiffany definitely looks soft and romantic; the pose is absolutely perfect for this theme, and that dress is to die for! The dress is so beautiful and unique that the wings kind of let it down for me; they’re pretty, but don’t quite live up. I feel like the image is a little dark (I personally swear by the curves tool when I’m editing an outdoor shoot to fix lighting) and Tiffany needs some shading on her body, but I think that your set is very pretty, even if it’s not the most creative, and I love the leaves swirling around. They add a lot of movement to the image. Her hair and makeup also fit the scene well and really flatter her, so overall her styling is perfect except for the wings! Really great job here! 

I'm really surprise I did so well. Magic/mythical pics aren't usually my thing. Still not my thing, but I manage. lol

Along with the fairy theme, I had to pick a season. I picked Autumn, because I thought the oranges and browns of Autumn might look good with her skin color. I also wanted to choose the least chosen season with summer and winter being the most popular.

Then I just with the basics and went with what was in the game already. I didn't feel like doing anything fancy like cut/pasting her on a background. I just wanted to do something safe and simple. I used the Dragon Valley world for my setting and made it look like a forest. Then I just had her pose in a fairy-like pose. The only cc I used was her hair. I now wish I had found some good cc wings or edited some wings on. I do regret not doing that. *sigh* I was just super lazy on this assignment. I think the only real editing I did was sharpening, hues, and the leaves.

I think I was also maybe in a bit hurry to finish and move onto another comp assignment. I didn't realize I was in 3 comps along with hosting 1 till just recently. lol

The next assignment was to show my model in romantic sepia tint pic and I just did it a few hours ago. I turned it in on the Sims 3 Unbound Forums, which is a forum dedicated to sims modeling if you haven't heard. I barely post there, but it comes in handy for pm'ing and like in this case when the forums is down. Anywhoo, I'm quite happy with the newest pic. I got creative and used a pose pack I've been wanting to use for awhile now. I just hope the sepia tent is sepia enough. >_<

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