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Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - A2 Pic + Scores

98 points 
10 stellar points 
Ahhhh 1st! It feelz good! 
Lookie at the bottom of this post for the story.

Personality: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 48/50

Automatically given full marks: 50/50 (because the extra credit bonus I got from random selection)

Nicely done. Nova is a real mean girl in this and that’s perfect for her assigned personality. I also really enjoy that you had the nerd and the jock and the other mean girls all in one room. The cow plant was a very creative idea. Good work this round!

Personality: 5/5
Story Creativity: 10/10
Story Cohesion: 10/10
Image/Story Cohesion: 10/10
Overall Image Appeal: 9/10
Dean's Personal Taste: 4/5
Total: 48/50

Nova is horrible but I guess in this case that is a good thing since mean girls are. Poor Ned I’m glad he made it out alive. I think you did a nice job showing off the mean girl personality. Your story was both funny and creative, I can’t wait to see what happens with Troy. Your picture fits your story nicely but Nova looks a bit to posed maybe her laughing along with the twins would have been better. Nice job here! 

Hmm...I kind of was wondering what Beech would of gave me if I didn't have the extra credit points, but oh well. I'll take them. I definitely wouldn't of done anything this ballsy if I didn't have those points. I also got kind of a late start and wasn't at 100% when doing this, but I manage to pull it off anyway. I'm quite happy.

I was inspired partly by Harry Potter and somewhat by what I could remember from high school. The class subject being Botany was inspired by Madrake plant scene in HP. Then the story going along with that class was inspired by my own misfortune of attracting annoying know-it-alls and weirdos in HS. lol Once I put the mean girl spin on it all it became a hilarious story in my head. :D

The cow plants also just seem like a perfect choice for such a picture and I thought they look freaky enough to be in an alien pic.

Doing the picture was the hard part. I had split this up in small parts, because I didn't have the energy or patience to do it in large chunks like I do sometimes. I did the setting first, because I knew exactly what I wanted and I didn't want lose the idea for it. Decorating the room was super fun. Then I got to the hard part. Styling. I've been kind of struggling with what my sims should wear lately, but I wanted my model to be dress more girly this time and I wanted all the clothes to add color against the greenery. Actually that was only part of the hardness, because making the alien extras (beside the twins) was freaking awful and slow.

Once I got all the CAS stuff out the way, I took a break and found poses. Laughing poses are hard to come by b/w. Pose makers we need more laughing poses! I also had to use omsp mod at MTS to get the model in the back at the desire height. I kind of wanted the model to be in the cow plants mouth, but I thought that might look too scary and I could never really get it to look right even in testing. I just figure I'll just have to take a risk and edit vines in. Thankfully they turned out looking ok. The teacher in the back did annoy me though. He was feeding the cowplant at first (which was also keeping the cowplant mouth open), but I accidentally took the fish out his hand with moveobject and I couldn't unpause it with omsp thing at work, so I just went with whatever pose he was in. Then in editing I added a machete. A fish might of look silly, so maybe it was for the best. The rest just came together with carefully placing everyone in desirable spots.

I also wrote/typed the words on the chalkboard with a chalky looking font. I felt proud of that for some reason. :P

The quality also turned out beautiful for me again. Sharpened it just right.

Anyway, the next assignment is to incorporate two aliens that have transferred into the school. We had to download them and they are sleeping in my CAS now. Just gotta come up with something for them. They have some interesting personalities.

For those who want read the novel I wrote for this here it goes:
Yeah it’s me Nova again. You probably already know that I ended up in detention for the 2nd time this year. It was an accident! I swear! Well….it was sort of an accident. I was in Botany class. A fancy class name for plant science. It was my first time meeting Professor Root and seeing his um…classroom. I guess you can call it a classroom. With all the vines and plants everywhere it looks like a jungle. He’s a strange human. Most are, but this guy is a total weirdo. Seriously. Some say he’s a mad scientist. I’m beginning to believe them. Oh yeah what was I saying? Yeah back to my…um my explanation. Please don’t tell him I said that. I don’t feel like hearing him lecture me again. His lectures are so boring!

Anyway, I got to class on time and was ready to learn more about the plants of the galaxy. Yipee. I sat down towards the front in the far right corner of the class. It was a couple flowers blooming next to the windowsill there and it seemed to be where they were less vines at. I was afraid that bugs that might be in those things. Ew! So yeah I sat down and I was sitting alone for awhile. Vega, the green girl who I got in a fight with before seemed to be not in this class and I was a little relieved. The whole incident had the whole school talking. Some proclaiming I was a hero while others did their best to avoid me in the hallways. It was a lot unneeded attention to say the least.

One thing that seemed to change from having that whole confrontation was the twins, Gigi and Giga. They sat down at a table in front of me and turned around to greet me in me unison in their usual matching outfits. They smiled and began talking a mile a minute to me about the classroom. I don’t know what got into them, but for the past few days they were acting like they wanted to be my friends. Like most the losers who were proclaiming me to be their hero, they hung around me and talk to me like I was their bestie. It was quite bizarre, but I went along with it when it came to these two. I figure they might be useful to me in the future.

What little I got from their rambling, they told me that Vega “was still peeved and “that she would get over it in due time“. Then they began talking to me about joining them at lunch and that’s when we got interrupted by some four-eyed dweeb. He sat down next to me and greeted us all with some weird hand gesture. The twins politely greeted him back, but they turned around in their seats and began talking among themselves. I simply just tuned him out the best I could. He was talking about some plant nonsense. Then he looked at me blushing and picked something from my hair. I backed away from him and screamed upon seeing what was in his hand.

He had picked a hideous bug out of my hair and he began looking at it with wonder. “This was in your hair,” he said while laughing. Then I realize the whole class was laughing with him and at me. It was awful. I clawed at my hair frantically hoping no more bugs were there and a jock-looking guy came over to help me look. He was laughing too, but he told me to calm down. Then the loser began talking in great length about the bug and it’s habits.

“It’s a bug from the planet Earth. A cockroach I think. I hear that they can live thousands of years! You can even eat them” he said excitedly while still holding it.

“Ewww gross!” I said and the jock shot him a dirty look.

“No one wants to hear that Ned” he roared and he knocked it out of his hand. He then looked at me and introduce himself.

“My name is Troy. Nova right? Nice to meet you. Sorry about him.” he said smiling and he went back to sit down at his seat.

He was seated on the other side of the room with his friends. All I could do was stare at him. He was simply amazing and so handsome. I so badly wished I had thanked him, but my thoughts were again interrupted by Ned.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean….” he stammered and then out of nowhere the professor appeared in front of the classroom. He apologized for being late and he began writing feverously on the chalkboard while brushing away vines as he wrote. When he was finished the class read the words aloud: “No horseplay around the cowpants!!!” I didn’t know what that meant or what he was even talking about, but he seemed to be very serious about it. He then went over to his desk and pushed a small red button. With creaking and screeching, the walls began to move in front of our eyes. Well what we thought was a wall anyway. When the vines were removed, we could see three scary large plants with mouths sitting behind metal gates.

He informed us they weren't dangerous, but for us to still be careful. "Don't entice them!" he warned. He then instructed us to come to the back where they sat and we all slowly began crowding around the horrid looking creatures. Some gasp at the sight of them while others seemed to be unfazed by them. The twins who were standing beside me seemed to be amazed, but a little afraid as well. I found myself backing away a little in fear at the sight of them moving about. I bumped into who I hoped was Troy, but it was Ned unfortunately.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to scare you. I do stupid things when I’m near pretty girls” he exclaimed while blushing. I rolled my eyes and began tuning him out again. He began talking about the plants in great lengths to my distaste and how he wanted to own a cowplant some day. He moved closer to one of the plants while the professor began showing the class something on the other side of the room. I stood behind him thinking to myself about how funny it would be if he fell into the shrubby. I playfully put my hands on his back pushing him lightly towards the plant and he fell to my amusement. Then out of no where vines began shooting up out the plant’s pot. It grabbed Ned and held him above the classroom.

I laughed loudly and ran back towards the front of the class. Some followed upon seeing the sight. Me, the twins, and Troy all stood watching from afar as the class erupted in screams and panic. Me and the twins began laughing loudly at it all. Ned’s loser face alone was something to laugh at. He looked positively horrified entrapped in the vines. The professor on the other hand looked calm, but very annoyed. He went over to his desk and grabbed what looked like a human sword or what they call a machete. He then began hacking away at the vines as we continued to laugh hysterically. Troy, who was standing next to one of his friends shot me a smile and put his thumb up in approval. It made me so happy to see his beautiful face smiling at me. We totally had a moment.

Of course that moment didn’t last long. We heard a thump and Ned laid in a daze on the classroom floor. The professor closed the gates that blocked the plants from us and he turned to the class looking no longer calm. “NOVA VOLDOX!!!” he screamed as his face turned beet red. “DETENTION! NOW!”

“Now? I still have 3 more classes and it was an accident!” I said trying to look innocent.

“NOW! GET OUT!” he screamed.

It didn’t take me long to move towards the door. I was out in the hallway in a manner of seconds and you could hear some laughter as the door shut. I spent the rest of the class period hiding in the library trying really hard not to burst into laughter myself over loser Ned and the cowplants. I got a week of detention for it and lectures about how horrible that could have been if it had chose to eat the weakling, but meh who cares. I thought it was funny. 

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