Thursday, July 10, 2014

EA's PR guy creates his own PR mess! All for a pretty girl? You be the judge!

Update: Mare's more in-depht post on the matter here. :P

pandabearrox posted this extremely interesting twitter covo between EA's PR guy, Charlie Sinhaseni and some scandalous looking chick named Camille. I say scandalous, because I'm trying to be nice. You should see her twitter page.
Look how eager he is to give to her! I wonder why.

Anyway both Pandaberrox and Mylita confirmed his statue. You can google him to check for yourself.
Yep she got it. He basically gave up the randomly given out CAS demo to some girl, because she asked. Geez Charlie boy, you wanted her number or something? And before you say she was just another fan asking nicely, check this:
Taken from Wickedjr89's tumblr.
As Wickedjr stated they deleted and covered up these tweets, which makes it seem not so innocent does it? She whined and complained like the most of us, but yet she got the CAS demo from just asking. Yeah that sounds real fair and innocent. 
  But let's not attack her. She's not the sleaze ball allegedly giving away CAS demos for phone numbers and jolly good times. 
Yes his excuse was that she work at a radio station, but was she being professional and offering him promotional opportunities? No. That's even if she work at a radio station.
Those on twitter took him to task on the matter. 
Taken from Charlie's twitter:

 Oh yeah you care alright. Maybe too much. lol Fishy stuff ani't it? If you guys do still want the CAS demo, Cooli0 provided a lovely guide: 
Even CK12 was ready to sell his goods for the demo:
 Oh yeah sexy. 0_o

In all seriousness I would like to believe this EA PR guy isn't that incredibly stupid (most likely he is), but with EA one can't be too surprise. Even his intentions were meant to be innocent, it does not make this right either. It's not fair no matter the situation. If one player can get the demo by asking and whinning, then why can everyone get it upon asking. Thoughts?

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