Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot or Not Cycle 4: A6 pic and scores


92 points 
3rd place?! Hell yeahz! Finally!

Photo Quality: 5/5
Photo Presentation: 4/5
Model Appearance: 9/10
Creativity: 9/10
Romantic: 13/15
Requirements: 5/5
Total: 45/50
I love this pose and the expression on Tiffany’s face because it really plays up a coy personality. That works with the more romantic/softer effect we want. There is some dramatic lighting here and I like that look in her eye. I wish we could see more of her dark hair – I know it’s difficult, but some lightning just for this image could have helped that. Nice work overall.

Photo Quality: 5/5
Photo Presentation: 4/5
Model Appearance: 9/10
Creativity: 8/10
Romantic: 15/15
Requirements: 5/5
Total: 47/50
I really like the pose Tiffany looks adorable in this image, and very playful. I really like the hair and how you have managed to keep it from bleeding into the background too much. The dynamic lighting is nicely edited. I do feel however that the image lacks a little creativity. It has all the main elements but for me it is just missing something to make it perfect. Overall a great job.

I'm shocked I did so well with this. I've been skating by and getting through the assignments with ok pictures since the start of this comp. I think I may be finally getting the hang of soft and sexy maybe. Maybe....

The picture was easy peasy. I didn't have think of a background and I didn't have much to style since she had to be nude. I did have download nude skin for this. When it comes to these type of assignments I usually just edit to make it look like the sim is nude, but in reality that's extra unneeded work and I didn't wanted take that risk. So I easily found and downloaded the skin. I was surprise it was so easy to find. Still I went into CAS to make sure it worked and it definitely worked. O_o I was a bit uncomfortable and freaked out seeing her in the buff, but I got over it. As for family members, I did it late at night when I knew most of everyone would be sleep or paying no attention to me. I was super nervous that someone would walk by and be like"WTF are you doing?!" lol So I hurry up and did this fast. Took me like 20 mins.

The pose I used is a laying down pose. She actually is laying down, but I rotated the picture and decided I liked it better that way. The hair if you can see it is something I just downloaded in a rush, because I wanted her hair up. It's a really pretty cc hair. I like the curls at the end. That's about it. Her makeup isn't really that special. I wanted a really dark retro eye shadow and simple lipstick. I also gave her polish on her fingernails and made them longer in editing. I guess I should of gave her some jewelry too. Maybe a bracelet and some long earrings.

I think editing took up the most time. With her skin color, I had to mess around with lighting and such to make her pop. Then I soften it, which then oddly made her facial details look blurry. I then had to go in and sharpen her face. That frustrated me the most. I still think the quality could of been a little better, but it turned out ok. Still gotta get use to the updated program I use to edit.

The next assignment is to pick a season and dress up the model as a fairy. I did that already. Not entirely sure how well I did, but ehhhh we'll see.

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