Thursday, July 31, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Finally got Finale Scores! ✦

I finally got scores for this. The host came back and did scores for us. Really nice considering it had been awhile.

Runner Up (2nd): Vid with Alex and Alan

Curses I didn't win! I'm kind of disappointed, but at least it's done and I know the results.

Luce Says:
19/-20 Styling
8/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
9/-10 Quality
20/-20 Twin Cohesiveness
I absolutely adore this photo, Vid, amazingly done! This photo tells such a nice story and the twins family look so happy, it’s a job well done! One thing you should watch is the brightness of your photos, this was a little bright on your sims skin, and in the bottom photo, the hats look a little fake, you probably could’ve improved that more. Overall this is a lovely photo!

16/-20 Styling
9/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
7/-10 Quality
17/-20 Twin Cohesiveness
Where I really liked your first photo, your GAP ad falls short for me. I’m not quite a fan of the color scheme, it’s very harsh and unprofessional looking, I can’t see the gap having an advertisement like that. Your quality has gone down in this photo, it’s very grainy… I don’t know what happened here, it’s just not up to par with your usual standard of photos. That said, the posing of Alex and Alan is super cute and I like the matching beanies. Thank you, Vid, for being a part of Seeing Double!
TOTAL: 125/140

I'm going make this really short and only talk about scores. If you want ramblings about the pictures themselves click here.

I agree with Part 1 scores, but then part of me is annoyed that she thought I over brightened it. I'm guessing she meant the 1st pic, because honestly the 2nd pic looks fine to me. If it looks too bright to you, go ahead and tell me. Anyway, I purposely lightened the 1st pic to take out the color and fade it to make it look aged. I thought maybe she would see that, but I guess I should of said something. Well if that's what she meant anyway. Meh ah well. I do agree the birthday hats could of been done better. >_<

I 99% agree with Part 2 scores, because I had no idea how to make a GAP ad and I realize I should of went with something more subdued afterwards. As for the graininess, it doesn't look grainy to me. Am I missing something? This totally upsets the perfectionist in me. D:

Other than that, I'm happy we got scores and that I got 2nd at least. I also got super hot male twins out of this. I'm totally going put them in Monte Vista and find them mates. <3

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