Thursday, July 17, 2014

✧Seeing Double - My Finale entry ✦

My Seeing Double Finale entry. The host never came back to score our entries. Really really sucks since it was the finale. I worked really really hard on these. :(

Part 1- Recreate a family photograph 
For the finale, you will be submitting two photos, the first is a recreation of a family photo. See examples. 

✦2 photos in one 
✦Extras allowed 
✦1st photo must be of the twins when they were children/toddlers 
✦2nd must be a recreation now 
✦Must have both twins 

Part 2: Gap Clothing Ad
For part 2, the Gap has chosen you to be the face of their new ad campaign! Is it for jeans? Dresses? Summer 2014? You tell me!
✦Have both models
✦Have Gap style clothes on
✦Have Gap logo
✦No extras

Part 1 was the hardest and the one that gave me the most issues. It was a number of things. I couldn't find poses that would match each other or my idea, it took me forever in CAS, and I messed up the 1st picture by forgetting to design the living room floor differently from the kitchen. Obviously I was able to overcome those issues, but geez was it a pain in a**.

My idea for part 1 was a birthday party for my twins. I had thought this idea up for the previous life event assignment, but I scrapped it and did something 1st place worthy. lol Still it was a good idea. I just thought it wouldn't be creative enough for that specific assignment. It works better for this assignment. It fits it and it's creative as simple as it is. 

I wanted my twins to be toddlers in the younger picture, but I wanted the cake on the table and them in full view. I thought about them standing up in chairs, but that would look weird and it would be dangerous in real life. Then I thought about aging them down to kids instead, but then the focus would be on the tall parents. Soooo I had to search like crazy for toddler poses that had them off the floor looking forward. I found them after a day of searching. Thank the simming gods for Mod the sims and the person who made those toddler/family poses. The parents' poses and the toddlers' were part of the pack. The sister's pose was just something I found in one of my fav kid packs and matched randomly to the adult version.

The 2nd pic with the older versions was annoying too, but it wasn't as hard. Once I got the 1st one done, I just matched up the poses to that. I think I did both of them right after each other without cutting the game off actually. The pose pack I used for that is at Bluebook. I remember using that pack a long time ago and screwing up the positions of it for a comp entry once. I kind of wanted to redeem myself with this and it fit for my recreation shot. The sister's pose again was random and it happen to be in my pose folder. 

As for the people in this photo, I wanted parents and I wanted to add a sibling. No one gave their twins a sibling, so I thought I should do that. lol Creating them and dressing in was annoying. I used the twins and fiddled around with their face (as well as their gender for the mom) to make their parents. I then used the mom and changed her a face a bit to make the sister. I figure they should all resemble each other a little at least. Then dressing them was a pain, because I wanted them to be dressed similar to their younger selves. I spent a lot of time in CAS getting everything just right.

Then like I said I screwed up the first pic with the flooring, but I did it over and did the other pic right after.

Part 2 was easy peasy and a relief from the horror that was part 1. I'm not entirely sure if it's GAP ad material. but I had a lot fun doing it. I wanted to do something really graphic and bold. I probably was taking a risk with it, but I felt like why not go out with some gusto!

The poses by the way are from IMHO. My favorite site for poses. :)

So that's it. If the host ever comes back and does scores, I'll happily post them here.

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