Sunday, July 20, 2014

TS4 Official Gameplay Walkthrough Trailer

I must admit I'm being too kind to SimGuru Ryan. There's no way his thoughts would be that complex. I'm sure boobies are the only thing on his mind since the demo fiasco.
Anyway, the gameplay demo you been asking for is here:
Well it's a recycle demo from E3 that they showed to the press last month. Enjoy and try not to barf! No the game might not make you barf, but those two doucherags might. By the way whats their fascination with the dictator dude from North Korea?????
Do they know this man starves and torture people in his country? Not to mention he's freaking insane! STOP with the jokes! It's not funny! It's tasteless and he's a freaking psycho! Grow the f*** up Gurus! 

Now let's get back to the game at hand! For more thoughts, continue reading after the jump!

Well beside the horrible gloss over the guru sims, the graphics look ok zoomed in really close. It's when you zoom out that the graphics goes to sh!t. Where did all the detail go? They also don't look that much different from TS3 sims in-game (except worse). Then that gloss! How is this an improvement again?
 Beside the lack luster graphics, they basically confirmed yet another feature was gone. Cars, bikes, anything mobile. Basically you pick the location you want them to go to and they just magically appear. It debunks the rumors of them walking off the screen, but ugh.
To the gym they went and Ryan showed off the "I'm an angry douchebag" walk. The gym also looks really dreary. Do any of these lots have lights FFS?
Also something very interesting a random simmer pointed out. Parties have goals and stuff. Like we need more crap to look at while trying to control our parties.
I personally don't see any improvements. Even the routing looks the same. Look closely and you can see idle sims standing around. Sure this isn't the finish product, but what improvements have they showed us? CAS? Did they really show us anything different? Is all really worth it? 

The gallery is nice and some of the building features are cool (what's left of them anyway), but it's not much it to report on. Not much to be positive about. Same crap. *yawn*

P.S. Someone also might of saw a pregnant women in the background, so I guess sims can get pregnant and it's not another loading screen where a baby pops out at the end of it.


  1. ~ Pregnant how? seeing that WooHoo is no longer in the game,maybe because of the awesome growing feature, maybe the gardener finds an infant under the cabbages, & gives it to a family (Making sure they are married first!)
    ~ The one who looks pregnant is in the communal lot next to the play Ship,I though she was a normal looking Teen! (wearing overalls!) Hard to tell them being all the same height!
    ~ Did you watch this I laughed & laughed! :

    1. Oh woohoo definitely has to be out. I'm sure they grow babies in the new emotion intuitive garden. :P

      That rumored pregnant lady was probably a teen or it was the result of one those genius walks. TBH I can barely see anything in the background as everything looked glossed over and hazy. Glossy and hazy are exactly what I want for improve emotional graphics. Gotta love teens looking like adults. They look so different too and intuitive. ROFL!

      And yeah I saw that video. Ahaha! It's definitely honest. xD

  2. Not sure about the gallery. Wouldn't that just be importing exchange content direct into your game?


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