Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World- My model, my mock, and scores

Meet Nova. My alien mean girl for this comp.

Vid & Nova Voldox
*clickable, but for a more readable version it's at the end of the post*
The writing and paper above was my mock/app to get in this comp. Due to some dropouts though everyone made it.

Scores are only like this for this assignment.

I liked your letter and the creativity behind it was great. I think that it was a unique backstory and one that can definitely influence Nova’s future choices in the competition. I can’t wait to see it and be sure to really play up that mean girl quality.

Vid I think your letter was very creative and very unique which made it stand out from the other letters! I like that she was raised tough and that is why she is a “mean girl” I wish there was a little more detail of her personality and her being a mean girl but there is more time for that! I like your model she is very pretty and knows it. I like the bight hair and eyes, and also that sarcastic smirk! Can’t wait to hear more about Nova! 

It was really hard editing my story onto that paper and I wanted it to fit, so I didn't flesh out her personality as much as I would of liked. I'll make sure I do that for the rest of the assignments.

I wanted Nova to be really colorful, bright, fun, and very alien-like. Pink skin and purple hair seem fitting for such an alien. For my alien anyway. lol I did have her with normal looking eyes, but that didn't cut it for me. I downloaded and made use of some really awesome looking cc contacts. She turned out really pretty. I might upload her when I get a chance.

I chose the mean girl personality though, because it was the complete opposite of what I was in high school and I wanted to portray someone different for once. I'm so use to picking the outcast, the goth, and characters that are somewhat like myself. I felt like it was time to portray a villain character. A mean girl. Should be fun! Bwhahahaha!

The 1st official assignment is to show their first day at Senior High: Outer Space. I wanted to do something really good, so I'm going have to put my thinking cap on for this one. Once I'm done my one other comp entry, an idea might come to me hopefully.

P.S. In case you can't read my mock:
Hi my name is Nova Voldox. I’m 180000000 years old or in earthling years 18. I live on the planet of Dysparasis. A paradise that is both hostile and dangerous, but the home of the proud race of the Dyparasians. A race of fighters, assassins, and conquerors. Even the woman. You must be both beautiful and deadly. My 10 siblings are all these things and more, but I do not possess the qualities of a fighter. Maybe compare to the weak, but on my planet no one is weak. I am beautiful, but that means nothing to my people or my family. The only thing strong about me is my loud mouth and words can’t fight battles. If anything such a trait gets me in trouble a lot. I guess that’s why my parents want me in your school.

Speaking of my parents, you may of heard of them. My father, Tyro Voldox is a great conqueror of planets and aid to our king. He has destroyed and taken over many planets, which has of course gain our family lots of enemies. My mother, Nata Voldox was a great assassin before she gave birth to me. She also gain a reputation as one to loathe and fear amongst the galaxies. Yes these are my parents. Neither are gods or ones to look up to, but they are my parents.

So I write to you in hopes of attending your school. I need and want to know more about the galaxies around me. My parents also hope that it will help with my “obnoxious attitude“. Their words. Not mine. I think I’m quite charming myself. I’m sure that charm will bring my fellow students such joy. Maybe I’ll even make a friend or two.

Truly yours, Nova Voldox 

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