Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Roxie is almost in the clear (and a small update on me)

I been meaning to post an update on Roxie and such. She's doing fantastic so far. She's ahead of schedule healing wise and is walking normally again. She even back roaming the house and barking at people when they come in the door. The only thing she isn't allowed to do now is running, jumping, and going up stairs. Of course she's running around a little and jumps to greet people at times as she is a dog, but she just can't overdo it.

We go back in 4 weeks instead of the usual 6, because she's ahead of what they expected. This appointment will probably be the final one if nothing goes wrong between now and then. She doesn't have anymore legs or knees to fracture, so no more ACL surgeries at least! YAY! Well that's what Dr. Allen said. lol

We're also allowed to take her to the groomers, which is a relief. She has way too much hair right now. She looks like a cute little teddy bear, but I'm sure she's hot and uncomfortable with all that fur.

As for me, I had a nice birthday. My father plans to buy me more presents and take me out again when he get his next paycheck, but we had a nice time eating out and going to the movies. I got some awesome headphones in the process.

I'm partial to the kitty ones right now. I walked around the house with them the other day, but my ears started getting hot. xD I also got a tank top, but I didn't like the fit of it and returned it yesterday. That shirt was 27 freaking dollars, so it wasn't really worth it anyway. I end up using that money and buying a new DS game. A lot more fun than a boring ol top.

By the way, Ace Attorney vs. Professor Layton hasn't came out here yet. The U.S. release is August 29th. So not fair! *sobs* I wantz it now!

P.S. It looks like I'm going have to moon someone to get the stupid TS4 CAS demo. 

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  1. It's like Mardi Gras - flash'em and you might get a demo code instead of a cheap necklace. ;)


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