Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm sorry sims. My heart belongs to Telltale now.

While I still love you sims, I'm heavily addicted Telltale games now. Yes it was Harvest Moon ANB for a moment, but Telltale is the true winner of my heart. I can't deny how freaking awesome they are. No no you're still awesome too, but they have a Game of Thrones game. A freaking GOT game? How can you compare to that? I know you're apples and oranges, but they're looking a lot more appetizing right now. So Sims wait for me. I'll be back soon. Maybe I'll even visit you tonight. Well that's if Bigby from the Wolf Among Us or Clementine from TWD doesn't drag back in. We'll see, but for now hang in there. I'll back for you. No not just for comps pics, but to actually play. You'll see.

Sincerely, Vid

P.S. No I'm not talking to that bastard child, The Sims 4. You know damn well I'm not taking ownership of that.

Telltale on the other hand...

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