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Walking Dead: Season 5 mid-season finale and "Crossed" (Spoilers)

Yeah the last of TWD post for now. Gotta do a simming post or legacy update next.
Spoilers alert! Big spoilers ahead from Season 5 after this point. Beware!

If you haven't seen TWD before or any of Season 5, stop reading now! You have been warned. Spoilers, spoilers, spoliers in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....

I probably forget a bunch of stuff, but I'll touch on the most memorable moments of "Crossed" and the mid season finale, "Coda".

"Crossed' was a ok episode. I liked how it showed all separate groups rather than having it focus on one group. I didn't like Abe's portion all that much. A fishing trip with Glenn and Abe on his knees the whole time was kind of a waste, but I got why they needed to show Abe's part at least. The hospital gets my usual "meh" rating. I was glad to see Rick and co. for once till they made the stupid decision to go with Tyrese's  "peace not war" plan. Then Sasha was a complete moron letting that guy trick her and turning her back to him. I know she's getting over Bob, but she needs to get her emotions in check and stay behind with the baby next time. I can't remember much else, but I believe that sums up "Crossed" for me.

I did think Eugene was going wake up as a walker for a min. His moaning sounded like one.

As for the mid-season finale, I was super happy with Rick's scenes at the beginning. I laughed when he told the cop "shut up" after hitting him with the car. I like brutal Rick. xD I think they should of went with his plan, but ughhhhh they listen to dingbat Tyrese. Even Daryl agreed with that crap. This is the 2nd hostage situation they're done. It didn't work last time with the Gov, why try again?

The covos with Beth and Dawn were a bit of a borefest, but I thought for a sec that Dawn might actually become likable. It sure seem like they were working on a redemption thing for her.

Then the ending came and Beth stabbed Dawn in the shoulder. I thought it was the neck, but more blood would of came out and I googled a pic of it. lol Then Beth gets shot in the head. I found the whole thing to be incredibly stupid. I don't know if she planned to kill herself or to kill Dawn with those tiny scissors or she was just acting out of anger over Noah, but I thought that was super risky and just super stupid. I was half expecting the other cops to start firing. They could have. She risk Rick and co lives with that move. It also was a dumb move for TWD writers, because it made the whole hospital plot pointless. We went through technically a whole season looking for Beth for her to die after being rescued? We did it with Sophia and Andrea, but at least those were interesting seasons and we weren't stuck with the horrid hospital plot accompanied with it. The hospital storyline dragged the whole season down. What was the point? Beth's silly death? *rolls eyes*

I'm somewhat glad Beth is dead, but I wouldn't of cared if she hadn't died. I actually thought Carol might die since they made it a point to keep mentioning how she had internal injuries. If she had I would of been upset, but it would of made a bit more sense.

I honestly don't get why Beth would care so much about Noah to sacrifice herself. If she cared so much, she should of left and came back to save Noah or let Rick handle things. I guess Noah aka Everybody Hates Chris will officially be apart of the cast now since they made room for him. *sigh* I can't get use to him. He doesn't fit IMO.

I did like Daryl shooting Dawn in the head and group reaction to Beth's death. Their reactions is the only reason I cared about her death really. I did think Maggie's reaction was a bit awkward and weird since she hadn't mentioned her the whole half of the season, but I'm glad she finally remembered she had a sister.

As for Father Gabriel, Michonne, and Carl. Ughhhhh! Really? I would of left Father Gabriel's dumb ass outside. I think they should of least guided the walkers outside somehow and got the church back. I also keep wondering why Abe ran into the spikes and all when he pulled up.

Oh and Morgan was at the very end again. It was cool the first time, but now they need to just get on with it. I guess he'll catch up to Rick in the 2nd half.

I think this Season 5's first half could of been a lot better tho. It started off amazing, but it ended with a few weak pointless episodes and a somewhat of a boring mid-season finale. TWD better come back with a much better half of Season 5. They're making me worried.

As for Daryl gay rumors, that was addressed on Talking Dead and they said he's not gay. I'm kind of glad, because Daryl doesn't need any distractions and he especially doesn't need that kind of storyline since it's hard to picture him with anyone anyway. They are going to introduce a gay character, but it will be someone from the comics. I guess Tara wasn't enough, but that's fine I guess. Just along as such a storyline/character serves some type of purpose.

Stuff I'm looking forward to when it returns....
-Morgan. He's the #1 reason I'm excited to continue the season
-Where Rick & co. will go now
-Daryl and how he deals with yet another loss
-Father Gabriel's role and Eugene's role in the group

Stuff I hope to see...
-Morgan joining the group before the season finale
-The group all back together on the road and no more splitting up
-More zombies and the focus being on them more
-No more hospital eps ever!
-More Michonne and more Rick
-Noah being bitten or killed

I think that covers it. No more post about TWD till February I guess. Oh well I'll be playing Telltale TWD season 2 in it's absent. :)

P.S. I revised my last bit about the new character. It can be sensitive issue and I definitely don't want to offend. I just hope the new character is badass and isn't defined by his sexuality. ;)

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