Thursday, December 18, 2014

Edgars Legacy Update: Buried in snow, looking for love, and family festiveness!

Played all day till my eyeballs hurt yesterday. Been awhile since I've done that. I knew Gift Giving Day aka Christmas was coming up on their calendar, so I thought this would be the perfect time to play and update.
I'm guessing this is the tragic clown snowman. Check out the gnome booing him. xD
Lately the theme of this blog appears to be snowmen.

Katherine is doing well so far. She has about 5 more days till her bday I think. 
 Dad reading her a bedtime story. Too bad it's her brother's bedroom. Nic wasn't happy about sleeping in his sister's room that night. -_-
 Still it was a really cute moment.
 Nic and Daniel playing catch in the snow.
 Miss Grumpy pants woke up grumpy. 
 Mr. Lazy didn't want to do his homework as usual. 
Mom and daughter bounding. 
 These two get along quite well too. 
 Well for the most part. Katherine woke Nic up playing video games. lol
I have no idea why she changed into her Halloween costume for dinner. I guess she felt like being a cowplant. 
 Decorated for X-mas again.
 Time to make up and party!
 Meanwhile, Daniel showed up at his school crush's party and accused her of cheating. I'm glad since he can totally do better.
 He met a very pretty and very married woman at the same party. 
 He then met another odd, but cute lady. Score!
 Henry getting pranked by Nic of course.
 Oh back to the party! All the guest showed up with gifts in hand.
 Nic's girlfriend, family friend Kara, Angelique (daughter/half sister), and Katarina's ex-husband all came. Even Daniel's crush showed up even though they sort of broke up.
Opening gifts....

I invited a ghost too and she came with pie.
Kara: "Ahhh a ghost brought us pie!" 
Just some guitar playing from the beyond.
 The party was a success but Katarina decided to invite her daughter over again with her growing granddaughter in toe. Bambi (no not the deer) is a child now b/w. 
 Angelique's husband. I don't think he's Bam's father though. Gotta look. Anyway, they got married just recently and she's pregnant . 
 Then I got this surprise. I was wondering why I kept hearing screaming and I zoomed over to see Angelique going into labor right outside the door.
 I didn't know Katarina could drive her to the hospital, but the option was there. I thought Kat would drive though. lol 
Umm...going into labor while driving isn't safe missy!
While another granddaugter was being delivered, Dad and daughter did some painting.
 Later that night they had a ride on the carousel. Just the two of them.

 After the awkwardness and weirdness of last visit, Kat invited them over again. The husband couldn't come, but her oldest granddaughter came.

 Bams (her new nickname) met her aunt too. Haha I know it happens in rl, but it's weird seeing an aunt that's the same age as the niece or nephew. 
Nice to see Katherine playing with someone her own age though.

While the girls played, Nic was up to things. 
 After the visit was over, Daniel took it upon himself to greet the cute paparazzi outside. The attraction system seems to love him. 
 It's just too bad he can't take advantage of it without putting his foot in his mouth. 
Well that's it for winter. I'll be glad when the snow melts. I think I'll try sending them off to the beach when summer comes. 

Kat also has reached level 5 of her political job. I lost count how many jobs she's had. lol From my previous post, she's on the 2nd job. Maybe I'll make her a reporter next or a teacher. Something not too hectic with the family being so large. 

Hopefully by next post, Daniel will be dating the blonde girl. She is dating someone, but it's better than having to break another marriage again. If that doesn't work out, I might take the chance sending him off to the future and having him bring back a future girl or a simbot. Depends on who I pick as a heir really. We'll see.

The next post should be about Kat's bday. Looking forward to that. They'll be all grown up soon. :)

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  1. Finally found some time to catch up with your legacy! Do you know, I've never seen that clown snowman in my game (or if I have then I've forgotten it). It's pretty good, isn't it! I see the normal ones everywhere and I've seen a football player and an alien and a grim reaper snowman. Never a clown.

    I really like the gift-giving parties and the feast parties - although whenever sims have parties now the guests seem to bring food. I haven't worked out how to take food to the parties of other sim households though, have you? I'd like to pop round with a pie lol!



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