Monday, November 3, 2014

Walking Dead Rant: "Slabtown"

This is going be really different from my usual post. It's basically a rant just as it said in the title.
Spoil Alert! This post will contain spoilers & foul language!

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! Bad language alert! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen the ep Slabtown. Don't read if you get easily offended too as I'm not censoring anything. 1, 2, 3, 4.....

Slabtown is arguably the worse episode of the show! Like mind numbing horrible and confusing. While I do place the blame on Beth, I place the blame on the new cast as well. I could give zero fucks about any of them. Why was this ep needed? I could of watched Resurrection instead!

I don't care enough about Beth for a whole ep. I wanted to know where she was, but gawd a whole episode of HER?! Torture! Who gives a shit about her? Even her sister could care less about her! Heck I could maybe handle 30 mins of her, but a whole hour!? Are they insane?

As I said before, I also could care less about the dumb ass new hospital survivors too. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?! The doctor guy was the less annoying one of the new characters, but Dawn and her pervy police force were beyond annoying. Dawn especially. If she had slap me like she did Beth all those times, she would of had a bloody stump in the place of a hand. Ani't no way she should of been slapping her like that. I would of found a knife or something to defend myself. Anyway, Dawn's slapfest was just so cartoony and stupid I couldn't take it serious really. It was so silly.

By the way, the guy who plays Noah is the kid from Everybody Hates Chris. I use to watch that show every so often. Do I like him on TWD? Hell no. I don't like having people I recognize on Walking Dead. I would much rather they chose someone lesser known. I hope "Noah" doesn't become a recurring character. It's bad enough he by some miracle limped away and escaped. How does he escape and she doesn't?

Then the hospital itself makes no sense at all! Solar panels or not, they wouldn't be able to have a whole hospital up and running with power. The hospital itself should of been blown up like the rest of the buildings in Atlanta and how the heck do they get out to save/kidnap people with zombies lurking about outside in the parking lot? Also do they actually wander around Atlanta picking up people? I would think Rick & co. would be far far away from there by now for them to pick up Beth and Carol.

Ughhhhh this episode me makes me want to hit something. Seriously. Worse episode of the show. A freaking silly borefest! Bringing in Carol saved it a tiny bit, but it wasn't enough. I hated this episode. I didn't even care enough to watch Talking Dead and hear about it afterward, because it was that bad.

I would of rather they did a ep like this with the Woodbury community and the Governor some seasons ago. Or they could of focus on Gareth & co. more before killing them off. Anything, but this. I don't mind slowpace eps to take a break from the action, but this was just dull.

I heard a rumor that this might be their way of introducing us to a spin-off revolving around these characters. Would I watch it?  HELL NO! I would rather bang my head repeatedly on my computer desk than watch anything dealing with this hospital.

If they do another hospital episode, I'm not even going bother to post about it and I might change the channel. I know I'm going to have to watch with Carol being wheeled in, but I really really don't want to watch anymore of these eps. Please no. If they just so happen to redeem themselves with the new characters and such then maybe I'll think about making a post.

I also hate that the group is split up into different groups again. I'm tired of them doing that. I'm also tired of the cliffhangers. One if fine, but now we're up to 2.

*sigh* Abe, Maggie, Glenn and rest of the bunch are next week. I guess that's something to look forward to.

Stuff I'm hoping to never see in TWD again...
-Beth. She can die now. I tried to really like her and I even got to a point I tolerated her, but I'm over her now.
-The hospital and it's inhabitants. I don't care about them and I want them die horrible deaths I mean Noah. It's good that he has another acting gig, but TWD doesn't need him
-Dawn. She deserves to be mention by herself, because I hate her that much. 
-Another hospital show that's a hour long. I can't....

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-Daryl brought back Noah (ughhhh I might throw something at the tv if so)
-Carol is faking being sick to save Beth (this is a prediction all over the interwebs)
-Rick & co. will attack the hospital.... hopefully murdering everyone
-As I said before, the bus with Maggie and Glenn won't reach Washington. Something bad going happen.
-Eugene is full of it. Either that or he dies.

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