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The Walking Dead: Thoughts on "Self Help" & "Consumed"

*rings the alarm* Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen these eps. Major Spoilers ahead! 

Spolier Alert! Don't you dare read pass this point if you're not up to date with TWD. I warn you now. Spoiler Alert! Going into major spoiler in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....

I don't really feel like making a long post, so this will be short and straight to the point.

Ok, first let me discuss the ep "Self Help" with Abe and the crew....

I must say that "I'm not a scientist!", but I told you Eugene was full of it. You probably already figure that out tho. Bwhahahaha! I'm surprise he said it in this ep. I thought he might wait it out till Washington. I'm kind of glad they didn't drag it out. I liked how the ep as a whole was set up. The flashbacks could of been executed better (especially the one with the wife), but having Abe's last bit of hope tore to pieces with Eugene's confession and having that flashback at the end was genius. Poor Abraham. I feel like I don't know much about him yet, but I feel sorry for him and look forward to learning more about him.

As for Eugene, I don't feel sorry for him. I just think he's a lying coward that has good intentions. He's most definitely not a trustworthy good guy like Rick or Daryl, but I think he's a guy that means well and did what he could to survive despite doing it in the most horrible way. Time will tell if he's worth having around. He definitely deserved to have his lights punched out. I wouldn't even been upset if Abe killed him, because he would of deserved it. He got people killed with his lie. As for the character itself, I find him to be funny. Like when he was creepily watching Abe and Rostia "doing it" in the library, I cracked up laughing. He's so weird. lol

Glenn and Maggie didn't really do much in this ep. I did enjoy seeing their shocked faces when Eugene confessed. xD That's about it. I do find it amazing Maggie hasn't mention Beth.

Speaking of Beth, I guess I should ramble about "Consumed"......

I wasn't crazy about this episode, but I didn't mind it since it had Daryl and Carol. They should of combined this with the awful hospital episode. I did find this episode to be riddled with a few things that made me roll my eyes tho.

My complaints:
-The cop should of been able to see them in the car or heard them at some point when they were following him
-No way in hell would the van land on it's tires like that. That looked really fake.
-How did a cripple kid steal from two badasses like Daryl and Carol
-Carol got hit by the only car in the street. How? She couldn't hear it?!
-I don't want Chris...er Noah in this show. He doesn't fit.

I did like the sleeping bag walkers. They look so funny wiggling around. :P Then some of dialog was ok and fitting.

I really wish they had left Noah under the bookcase. At less he becomes a truly fascinating and different character, I'm going wish for his death every episode.

I am upset that Beth wasn't the small body they were burning, because it means we're going have to suffer through another hospital ep. Gawd, I hate everything to do with that hospital. It's sucking the life out of this show. They would of done better dragging Eugene's lie out and having the group go on a road trip.

I think the only thing that's going save next week episode is Carol and I doubt I'll like that ep. I'll probably skip posting my thoughts on that ep at less Beth dies or something. xP

If they keep doing this hospital stuff, this may turn into my least favorite season. I especially hate that this whole thing is going have Rick planning another attack on yet another group. It's getting really boring having Rick fight the big bad guy or crazed group every season. They should of took of advantage of them being homeless and unprotected on the road. We never get to see them on the road on foot tackling anything. It's always a location or a bad guy or a rescue mission with them all split up in different places. It's getting tiring.  :/

Stuff I'm hoping to see in TWD
-Beth and Noah's deaths
-The hospital explodes and Rick's group continues to go to Washington instead
-Abraham's mental state after Eugene's confession
-Eugene's role in the group now
-Dawn dies off-screen

Stuff I'm predicting for the next ep or eps....
-Daryl brought back Noah (it's obvious it's him. Ugh.)
-Rick & co. will attack the hospital (Zzzzzzz please do something new)
-Abraham will rejoin Rick's group
-Noah is Morgan's nephew. People keep saying this, but I'm hoping not.
-Noah joins the groups and Beth is saved (Awwww...*gags*)

B/w I keep hearing the internet rumors about Daryl sexuality and his interest in Carol. I don't want him to be with Carol. That would be creepy. I think it's cool they're friends. I also don't see him as gay either. If they were going do that, his love interest would have to be like him and I just don't see that happening. I don't want him to be with anyone really. I like that he has no interest in anyone. I usually root for coupling and such, but he's ok on his own. Leave Daryl alonnnnnneeee! lol 

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