Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm back! Thank you all!

Everything such as the funeral and stuff is over. The most stressing two week I've had in long time and I cried a lot doing the funeral. It was rainy and cold too, which made whole day seem even more gloomy. Anyway just days before I had caught a cold on top all that was happening. The funeral was nice though. They did a Veteran funeral for him and they gave the flag to my Grandmother. It was so sad and very rare to see her cry, as she cried a lot. I didn't like seeing her like that. :-( 
My grandfather is at peace now and everything went well so I have closure. He's been through so much and watching him slowly go was so painful. He was not himself at all when he got sick. He became nasty and depress. It was like the old him had died already for me and all wanted was the old him to come back, but he was never the same. I had kinda got use to him being gone though. He was going to hospitals all the time and they were always telling us he's not going make it, so I had grieved before even passed away really. Now that he's gone though it's kinda relief. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, but I would rather be at peace than suffer. I will remember good times, especially when he use to tease me for buying so many sim games when sim 2 was in. "Oh no another sim game!" lol
Anyway despite all that happened I'm back as things have quiet down now and I feel better. I will like to apologize for dropping out of the comps on forum as it was no way I could play sims or playing around on the Internet with everything going on. I did peep at some stuff on my phone, but most of attention went to what could I do to help my family.
Now that I'm back I will be updating with some news as I've been on EA forum today and saw some funny stuff. I will also be reading a lot of your blogs as I have no idea what I missed. lol As for my sim making as soon as get all the CC I missed and play a little I will put up a new one, but right now I gotta get back in swing of things.
Thank you to Mare's Nest for the hoodies and the condolences! I was deeply touched and will try those hoodies out later today! Also thank you to everyone who commented! I love you guys so much! Thank you for your prayer and condolences! You are the main reason I why I keep coming back and after such sad two weeks I can smile again.
Now lets get back to why I made this blog! No more depressing stuff! Update in a few my peeps! :-)


  1. Vid, welcome back sweetie! We all really missed you and have been thinking about you a lot.

    And no, it doesn't sound harsh to say that you're relieved your grandfather is at peace. I felt the same way when my uncle (my mom's brother) passed away late last year. He had been suffering SO much and had withered away to pretty much nothing. On top of the terminal cancer and other life-threatening ailments, he had battled schizophrenia for decades, and honestly it was a bit of a relief to see that he was finally at rest. I like to believe that he's up there with my grandparents, my dad, my cousin (like my big brother), my sister, and all the other people close to us. And when I lost my grandmother, it was gut-wrenchingly sad, but also a relief to see her not in pain anymore (she'd had both of her legs amputated by the end -- very sad considering how active she'd been).

    I've been thinking about you so much! I'm so glad to see you're doing okay, and every day it'll get a little better. Of course you'll NEVER forget your granddad, and you might have days when things are a little tough with the sadness, but his soul is at rest and your family can begin to heal.

    *huge hug* welcome back, and take care!

  2. its great to see you bad vid! im glad you can have some closure, it must be really hard to lose someone you are close to, i fortunately havent gone through that yet....

    anyways its nice to have you back! *big hug*

  3. back** haha i wish this thing either had an edit button or a spell checker >.>

  4. its great to have you back :) we all understand you needed some time away, no need to feel apologetic about 'the internet' lol. you do what you gotta do.
    you didnt miss too much tho. but then i havent been on much either, so i have no idea what im missing :P


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