Saturday, April 3, 2010

My shocking day....

Well today I was vacuming and I almost got electrocuted! I accidently truned power strip off and pulled the vac the cord out half way. Well when I clicked it back on and put the plug back in I saw sparks. I was like woah! That is not the first time I was almost eletrocuted. One time over my Aunts for my 18th birthday party I was plugging a friends phone in and saw sparks, then all the power went out. I was like geez what I do!? Then it was this time I was messing with power strip like today and saw the same thing. Oh and one time while on my old computer I choked on some water and spit right on my keyboard. Well I had report that day so I shook it, dried off, and used it. I know it's dangerous and seem to get lucky. I have even accidently dropped my phone cord in a fish bowl with it still in the socket and quickly grabbed it out. The fish was ok by the way. I really just ask for it don't I though? Sims are not even that careless, but I love electronics. Everytime my family sees me doing stuff they are always horrorfied. I would make a mental note to stay away from plugs now. Why am I telling you this? I'm bored and I just realized my how careless I am with that kind of stuff. It's very random! Not you Random. lol :-) Sparks are pretty though? A light blue actually!
Now I'm going off to dream about pretty lights! Goodnight all!
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  1. so your the Tim Taylor of electronics, eh? lol

  2. lol! now i am fearing for your life vidicus! just be careful! >.<

    LOL zeri! ^.^

  3. Home Improvement <3 such an awesome show =D

    and that kitty is rather weirding meh out O_O


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