Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Serioulsy, what did I do deserve that? I'm sorry, but it must be said...

1. I'm not lesbian or a bimbo!
2. You gave me link so you obviously wanted me to see that stupid page. I post what I see.
3. Homophobic are we? Only children go down to this level. Grow up!

I'm not  arguing with you anymore, so you can forget about getting any more attention from me and this blog. Don't feed the trolls and attention whore kiddes. All it does is give them more attention. I just wanted to make sure he knew his little page can't silence me and I'm sorry to those who said ignore it, but I wanted him to know I'm neither amuse or scared by his childish behavior. I also would suggest he go find something to do, then make wiki pages.
Also I might be making some changes to commenting on this blog due to this. Will we see, but those little comments will be deleted by the night is over. I knew someone would mess up the comment part of this blog. I'm shocked Mare hasn't said anything by the way. Well maybe they're are better than me...well no more of this.  


  1. Obviously just an idiot trying to stir up some bad feelings...ignore. You're awesome vidkid!

  2. obviously someone just feels inferior because daddy beats him and his willy is smaller than the other boys, so he has to go and harass strangers on the internet to feel like hes virile.
    its sad really

  3. We still <3 you viddy :)

    People are just jerks these days :/ It's really pathetic that someone just has to go so low. Oh well, put it in the past :)

  4. aw thank guys and u guys are awesome! ^_^

  5. Takes a tiny brain to call people names like that.



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