Sunday, April 11, 2010

A happy ending maybe not?

As said I don't like taking screnshots of myself, but I decided to see what was going with the most popular and drama thread of the day as it was on the first page again. I posted a comment as fighting started again.
Then Wizard whats her name came with this shocker to my post.

Took you long enough! Sorry I'm still a bit bitter. Then....

That should been the end of it since this thread was orignally about her ban, but...
It's like talking to a brick wall with this one.
Noooooooooooo! She's back!
Two peas in a pod those two?
Nice apology and she call me imature. Is that even consider a apology? I feel the sincerity coming out of my computer screen! Don't you? 1sm067eyeroll Pictures, Images and Photos

After more back and forth Cece changed the title hoping it would  stop the fighting and well Firestar was back so what was the point now. No mods were coming near that thread. It didn't stop, but then a voice of reason came (shockily not RD):

duct Pictures, Images and Photos
So true! No more about this thread!
P.S.: Cece if what I said is not correct I will correct as I haven't gotten to talk to you yet! ^_^ 

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